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Sunday, November 26, 2006 @ 9:26 am

Portobello Market- food adventure (london trip part3)

Portobello Road Market is one of the top ten most popular tourist destination in England. It is opened only on Saturdays, from 8am to 5pm. Once again it was May who recommended me to pay this world largest antique market a visit. oh boy, this market is really large!- spanning across numerous roads and it was bustling with people of all sorts. Portobello to London is like Xi Men Ding is to Taipei.

we got off Notting Hill Gate Station and followed the road signs all the way to the main entracne of the market. of coz as not-so-well-off students, antique shops are just for window shopping and ooh-ing and ahh-ing. this is a fleas market of some sort, u can virtually find anything here : antique dolls, grandfather's clock, clothes, accessories, books, pictures, telescopes, silverwares. if u wana skip the antiques section, hop off Ladbroke Grove Station which is at the other end of the market , the clothes and accesseories section is near this end.

my fren asked me did i buy anything? i nodded my head n pointed at m stomach, "there're in here". i broke my own record, GBP 10 pounds for SIX diff pastries and bakeries in one day.

road signs

welcome to Portobello market

necklace dangling

toys for kidos

art crafts

me and Nurul reached there around noon and was starving. we searched helplessly for a food stall among the myriad of antique shops and stalls. our eyes lit up when we spotted this bakery...

i overheard a lady exclaiming excitedly " oh! we must check this shop out! this is the next best to xxxx shop( sorry, cldnt rmbr wat famous shop she mentioned). they featured this shop in Sex and The City! come on in!" she got me all excited too! we elbowed our way in and was greeted by the sights of cupcakes laced with colourful icings , cupcakes garnished with silver edible beads and muffins!

to try out sth diff frm the usual sweet-tasting choc, blueberry muffins, i bought a spinach & cheese muffin. salty muffins, mmm~. dilemma, dilemma, which cupcake to choose? i chose the Red Velvet cupcake, (sweet&salty) which was a velvet red cake coated by white cheese icings. tasty and pretty. Nurul bought this giant oat-bran cookie which was the size of her head, it was really thick! Satiated, we continued on our food quest. not long after we passed all those antiques stalls, we reached the FOOD section. Oo la la~i was squealling with delight when i saw this crepes stall, but the price tag was like a cold bucket of water splashing down me...nvm, wang4 mei2 ci2 ke3.salivating....suan le, i 'll go back to hv my roti canai's!strawberries and nutella toppingsveggies & fruitsthe variety of spices on salemy euphoric mood came to an end when i stopped by this pastry stall. surprised huh? shldnt me the food queen be on cloud nine? well, u see, this nasty old lady forbid me from taking pictures of her precious pastries because i was "just taking pictures and do not intend to buy them". i retorted that i was going to buy! (hey, i walked all the way here juz for these loh!) when i stood there contemplating which to choose she got impatient, i think the last straw for here was when i caught sight of another stall nearby and walked off to compare price. u noe wat tt lady did? she shouted " LIAR!" after me!!! wat the F***!!! in the end i marched back and bought 2 items frm that lady just to show her am NOT a liar k? (the other stall offered less choice) was very upset and on the verge of tears..... anw, enuf of this. i bought an apple duno wat ( sorry la, no mood to rmbr the name pun) and a peccan tart. the peccan tart was OMG tasty! each bite is followed by *crunch crunch* n *munch munch*, lots of nuts, and the pastry was thick, striking a balance with the sweet filling.
the apple thingy i had for lunch. k...officially announce am a bit sick of apple n cinnamon.. my peccan tart

i must rave abt this Popina food artist stall, the pastries are really artfully " crafted", so beautiful that i dun think anyone can bring themselves to destroy the art piece with their teeth. i bought a spanish bean &read pepper tart and a fruit strudel which was really fruity, the outer crust was like biscuit while the inner part was stuffed with colourful fruit slices. this is my second favourite next to the peccan tart. the bean tart was delicious too, but the pastry part is too thin. by the time i reached malaysian hall it was a it crushed..i was attracted by the bright orange and red hue, which really got me drooling at 1st sight.luv the mushy texture of the beans. spanish beans and red pepper tart

fruit strudelcheck out the crust and the fruits

Nurul spotted this Malaysian restaurant near the undertunnel of a bridge called " Makan " which literally spells " Malaysian Food". we went in for a short break where Nurul savoured a tofu sumbat with kuah kacang which was authentically Malaysian. we saw a few westerners dining in here too.hehe, malaysian good is plate-licking good, no?

egg tarts from Leceister Square China town marked the end of my food feast for the day. 's all May's fault that i'm addicted to eggtarts now=p. during summer hol in Penang, i wld buy any eggtarts that i come in sight. this egg tart from china town was freshly baked, the juice dribbled into my mouth when i took a bite of my dan tat. the egg filing was so soft and tender.love the way thebakerwhocooks described the yellow color of egg tarts as the color of the sun. ahhhhhh! very xin fu!



Saturday, November 25, 2006 @ 11:08 pm

Morris's birthday party ( 2nd time)

yeah, we did celebrate it 2 weeks ago, but hey, there is no such thing as too much partying, no?our malaysian juniors Helen and Ai Teng was the chief of the nite, producing a meal consisiting of SEVEN dishes..ho liao u noe!Morris, Leon, Helen, Ai TingAi Ting making omlette
we had sweet&sour pork, oyster sauce xiao bai cai, kangkung, 2 plates of chicken wings, pao cai, ham &mushroom omelette and spicy noodles. Choc gateau birthday cake and banana boat ice cream as desert. omg, ytd eat, today eat some more, how not to fat ar?

homemade banana boat, really nice!just peel the banana, scoop out the ice cream onto a plate, then voila! u get banana boat.

Buddy : "woooo, so cold! must use sensedol brush teeth tonite!"


birthday boy slurping up noodles

Buddy insulted Miffy's weight and this is the punishment he gets...sexual harrassment..
Vivien spent 24 hours making Morris this gigantic birthday card, so sweet lar!
prize-giving ceremony
Morris squashed by the giant card

larger than life
in case u are wondering wat was my role tonite phey shan, hehe, am dish washer, got photo as proof=p



@ 3:51 pm

Gingerbread man

I first came across the term " gingerbread man" in one of the many Enid Blyton's books i read when i was young. I've yet to find one on the mainland(Penang). Made it my mission to hunt for one on my trip to town centre today. tada~! i bought this at Adams Oliver bakery shop next to the HSBC bank for 70 pence. which unfortunate one will be chosen by me? All of 'em smiling gleefully on the display counter. i felt like a kid, with a smile similar to the gingerbread man pasted on my face as i walked out of the shop, holding and admiring my gingerbread man=)Ain't it cute? With two smarties choc as its button. must admit the human shape gingerbread man is a bit scary when u put it into ur mouth. hmm, am cannibal. shall buy reindeer shape ones next time. the gingerbread man did not taste v 'gingerly', i gingerly chewed my way tru the gingerbread man. lol, lame pun. but it really was quite hard.



@ 1:13 am

Teoh's welcome back party- nite of Malaysians

Our fellow Malaysian fren ( one of the 3 male species on the verge of extinction), Teoh is finally here in Northampton to visit us! He said bye bye before summer holiday and never came back upon receiving a JPA scholarship offer to India for a medicine course. sad nia, less one boy to bully and to serve as us gal's slave=p
anw, his mum tagged along for this special dinner, so our chiefs were quite stressed out to whip up a delicious, authentically Malaysia meal. no worries! we have ...tada~Nurul! our Malay chief! featuring her Malay curry and ayam kicap. Nurul's curry, rich with spicesayam kicap. no tt's not a worm ,it's a tasty potato slice!
Chiefs in action-Nurul & MayMalaysian gals-(backrow)E-lynn,me,
(front)Sarah, Nurul, May
Nurul and May did the shoppings at the newly opened oriental shop in town after class. E-lynn came and helped out after her last lesson ends at 5pm. lots of spices were added to the curry, i even saw cinnamon! my favourite spice! my god, the kitchen was enveloped with the wonderful aroma of the curry. we stood hovering above the pot, sniffing in the heavenly smell. ( hope no bi sai accidentally fell in, ah well, one woudnt noe anw, coz the curry is sorta greenish too=p)
ahhhhh! smells so good!
one problem with cooking veggies is that there isnt any large lid to cover the frying pan. we had to improvise the lids with overturned pans.
taugeh piping hot and ready to serve!Chief E-lynn
a self-cooked meal is much cheaper than dinnng out. We had curry chicken, soysauce chicken, papadam(indian crackers), oyster sauce fried broccoli & cauliflower,udang kering fired taugeh, and duck spring rows. I was so full by the time i had my first round.sb sneaking a springroll during phototaking sessionmy plate piled full of food
Teoh and his mum were really sweet, they brought us a whole bag of raya bicuits! gula dodol (sweets), sotong slices (squid), almond biscuits, choc coated almond biscuits, pineapple jam biscuits. we had those for desert, as well as, Nurul's pink agar-agar (fruit cocktail jelly). am so fat man after tonights pigging out.
choc almond biscuits & pineapple jam biscuitsNurul's jellyNurul in mathcing pink outfit The Malaysian gang
Vivien & Sarah gawking at our stripper for the nite.
Teoh*am so full, even the spoon is delicious. burppppp*=p



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