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Saturday, December 30, 2006 @ 1:04 pm

the runaway blogger

dial up internet connection damn slow xia 52 kbp>.<, cannot stand staring at the screen with cobwebs accumulating while waiting for my pics to be uploaded, so yeah, will blog after 9 jan.

Friday, December 15, 2006 @ 1:17 pm

Love from Phey Yee-Penang Day Trip

i'm so touched!!! Phey Yee personally delivered this absolutey scrumptious jar of almond-coffee-nutty-heartshaped cookies for me=)am so blessed to have such a sweet friend! check out http://phey-yee.blogspot.com/ for pictures of the muffins & cakes she's been baking lately, omg, u'll drool till ur dehydrated=p

went to Penang island today with mum, so missed meeting Phey Yee again (last hol when she came, i was in Gurney also) haizzzz...

love from Yee Cookies

dropped by The Botanical Garden to shop for orchids, my mum is a hardcore orchid lover. (our garden is fast turning into an orchid nursery..)there's a wide variety of species to choose from in the Botanical garden, since i'm back to accompany her, this trip is a must. wandered around taking photos while she made her pick and bargained with the aunty there.

used to have a phobia for this botanical garden, coz i was a naughty gal when i was in pri sch, never do my hw for almost a year. managed to survivied pri2 without my teacher realising my plot, coz hehe, in their eyes i was a good student. then eventually got caught, cant remember what exactly happened. parents took me to the botanical garden a few days after my teacher called my mum up. i was in serious TROUBLE then...

kinda miss the times when daddy used to bring us here to exercise, he's so busy these few years that we never come here anymore. lots of aggressive monkeys here. there's a small hill with a circle of bougainvillas near the end of the running track, that's my favourite spot here when i was a kid=) loved dipping my tiny hand into the cold drain water trickling all the way down from the mountains. Entrance to Botanical GardenLush GreeneriesBlue SkyMum in the orchid gardenmum's 'shopping'(战利品)

then went to Evergreen hotel for buffet lunch. lalaLA~! i tell u, Penang's buffet is the BEST! especially the buffets of hotels in Batu Ferringi. there's a mixture of Malay, Chinese & Indian cuisine. still waiting for mummy to bring me to the newly reopened Rasa Sayang.

usually i grade the standard of a buffet by checking the dessert section=p

The best thing about this Evergreen hotel buffet is the array of cakes and desserts to indulge in! there's brownies, cheesecakes of different flavours, kiwi mousse cake, strawberry cream cake, pudding etc. each are served in small portions so that u have enough tummy space to sample every flavour and wont feel sick to the verge of puking after many rounds of cheesecakes.

irresistable!!!i'm in heaven=p

one of each

(i've been a very good girl liao lar, usually my plate would be piled full with cakes..)

and oh boy! the ais kacang (shredded ice) & ice cream section! so many toppings are being offered! cendol, jelly, red beans, atap ji, corn (jagung paste). u can mix n match to personalise ur own ice kacang. mum skipped the shredded ice, and straight away delved into the toppings=p

ice cream toppingsice kacang toppings

my ais kacang

there's even snow fungus with ginko nut dessert. mmm, suddenly miss my May May very much...anw, i only had one round of the main course then made a beeline for the desserts=p wouldnt want to be too full to savour my favourite cakes~ the price is reasonable lar, RM35 (5 pounds) per person.

Final stop before Gurney was Penang Medical College(PMC), had to hand in my application form and docu. interview on 3rd Jan, wish me luck guys~! it's for a 2.5/2.5 medicine programme in Ireland. nice campus, located near Penang General Hospital. 2 1/2 years of pre-clinical training in Ireland, 2 1/2 years of clinical training in Penang.

a backup in case i so 'lucky' get rejected by all 4 uni in uk...this IS a sad life..am over the moon coz finally received an interview notification frm Manchester uni~! 11/1, 2 days after i return. gulp.

PMC entrance

then...SHOPPING in Gurney~!!! there's discount as xmas is approaching. got some really good bargain=) ahh, it really is good to be back!

Penang Bridge

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 @ 1:05 pm


finally am back... i spoilt my malaysia simcard, ahh, was such a smart ass, put it together with the RICO badge we got as souvenirs, the end result? it was badly scratched. changed for a new simcard and retained my old number but i LOST all my contact number!!! sobz sobz. this will teach me a lesson to rite down all my contact numbers frm now on.

mum dragged me and my bro, ee leng to a physiotherapy session yesterday, it's my 1st time here, ee leng have been following the treatment for some while le...

while my bro had heat packs strapped to his knees, i tried to practise balancing on one foot. to my dismay, i fell flat on my ass. woo hoo, everyone there turned to look at me worriedly, they thought i was a stroke patient collapsing (according to mum). mind u, that place was cramped full of patients and family members of the patients. i was so embarrassed!!! picked myself up and sat self-consciously on the stool...argh, y is it that i always humilate myself in public?!

as if that;s not enough, the physiotherapist then decided that he needs to observe me climbing some steps on a ladder. u noe those ladder with only 3,4 steps where patients walk up and down to regain mobility? well, a few kidos were playing there. the mother shooed away her kids to make way for me, the big evil sis.

so up i go, like a monkey performing stunts under the eyes of duno how many ppl there. and the doc made me repeat it several times.

just kill me pls, sb.

i was so ticklish that i kept laughing when the physiotherapist tried to loosen the joint of my stiff neck. he found that funny, just cross my finger he still finds it funny after a few times, dont want a pissed off physiotherapist turning and twisting my neck with full force..that's scary...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 @ 9:42 pm

Luke's Tikka Masala Curry Rice

How often do girls get to eat meals cooked by a guy? rarely. well, at least for me this is the first time in my life eating Tikka Masala Curry Rice cooked by a boy.

in fact Luke is so famous for his curry rice that all fellow malaysians have been making special request for him to cook his signature dish for supper. on thursday nite he cooked for the girls in 20 freehold, on friday nite, he cooked for the gals & boys in 18 freehold (me, may, vivien, lynn leslie and Teoh)

Luke said that he picked up this dish from his Iranian housemate. hmm, a simple but super-duper yummy dish. all u need is tikka masala sauce and rice. perfect for students on tight budget like us. damn fragrant manz!


after (shirts off)

Santa Claus ( my senior from KK) took a train from Derby all the way to Northampton to deliver christmas presents to every Malaysian juniors! so sweet of Leslie=) thanks~!!! he even carried the presents in a sack (laundry bag lar) and wore a santa hat (pls tell me wat's the proper name if u noe)

Leslie Chaw, my adorable senior my pressy=)



Sunday, December 03, 2006 @ 11:34 am

Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham

The best part about Christmas (besides presents and food) is the Christmas market, esp one in Europe. i've always wanted to visit one since young, so i was definitely not going to miss the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham when i read about it in a magazine.

This xmas market with 75 stalls filling Victoria Square and the upper part of New Street is one of the biggest German market outside Germany. It's opened from 18 of Nov till 23 Dec, 10am till 8pm.

i was lured by the phrase " lots of German pastries, beer, sausage, marzipan sweet, gingerbread...." on the website http://www.birmingham.gov.uk so together with Linh, my Vietnamese housemate, we set off to Birmingham.

Birmingham is 1 of the 4 biggest city in England. it's like a smaller version of London, with lots of posh and ex brand shops. by 2pm, the city was swarmed with visitors, shoppers etc. i felt like walking against a fast-flowing river while elbowing my way back to the train station.

This is the entrance to the xmas market. i was already humming 'jingle bells' when i reached here, ahh, christmas! my favourite festive season!

there was this man walking on tilts holding a feather duster welcoming visitors at the entrance. he offered to pick me up so i can take a nice picture from up there.lol, he'll probably toppled over if he tried to do so.
one of the first few stalls i saw was this confectionary stall which sells chocolate coated fruits. they look so yummy...but checking the price is all it takes to put off your appetite. the chocolate apples look cute=)

this lady is coating the apple with toffey, looks like the the evil witch making a poisonous apple in snow white and the 7 dwarfs. so me, the self-aclaimed snow white, decided to treat myself to a poisonous apple. it was just apple with a hard layer of sugar coating. chey.....

there were stalls selling choc that were to die for...rows and rows of choc to make u drool over the display counter. luckily snow white was too busy savouring her apple to be tempted by the chocolates.

it was really good fun window shopping all the 75 stalls. there were stalls selling sausages

handicrafts, wooden toys, puppets, soft toys, christmas ornaments, scarves, lamps, ceramics, chinaware, EVERYTHING!the list goes on and on. the salesmen and salesladies were very friendly too, they willingly post for pictures and even allow us to take photos of their merchants.

this is Victoria Square, one of Birmingham's landmark. went searching for some public art i read about on the web.

the statue called Floozie in the JacuzziThe Iron Men me and Linh shared a german traditional grilled white sausage for lunch.
hehe, am gonna eat u for lunch!!!
when u see the word 'dumpling' u would think of shui jiao, a chinese delicacy stuffed with minced meat rite? i wanted to try out these "Bavarian Dumpling in Vanila Sauce" but since i cant eat beef ( for religious reasons) i had to make sure the minced meat used isnt beef.

" what meat do u use for the dumplings?"

"it is sweet"

k, i thought the lady was some non- brits whose english wasnt very good and hence didnt get my question, or that sweet is some sort of germany animal that i've never heard of. so i proceed on asking :

" no, no, i mean what animal's meat do u use? ANIMAL " and thought sanctimonuosly that i phrased the question quite well, she should understand now.

"sweet!!!" she repeated that a few more times and got really frustrated and turned to her partner for help.
the man pleasantly came over and explained to me as if talking to a little kid;

" it's dumpling stuffed with marmalade, it's SWEET, not ANIMAL, sweet is not animal, girl. "

i was soooooo embarrassed that i thanked the man and left immediately.
fried mushrooms
Linh with the heart-shape gingerbread i bought after our christmas market trip, we made our way to Selfridges, a department store with the most peculiar shape i've ever seen. looks like a giant mushroom covered with thumb pins. it was packed full of shoppers. another place where poor students like us can only afford to window shop.
me and linh on our way back, taking the train, at 2pm. Linh's going to the Chrismas Ball so we had to return early.



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