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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 @ 9:41 pm


busy making wanton whole day...i think my nose is short of falling out =.=''' 很辛苦啊啊啊!!!

see my lovely wantons? garnished with a few slices of 胶擦屑

cant laugh at all, gimme a joke and i wil be laughing n coughing to death at the same time.

will soon have to resort to sign language at this rate. so tired n feverish, die lar, with so many hw n mocks pressing close.

minh was requesting for a spoon at tea break n i juz 很顺手dropped mine in his cup of tea, then only i rmbr i was SERIOUSLY ill. i said, haha dont worry, your immune system shld be strong enough to fend off the bacts=.=



Sunday, January 28, 2007 @ 4:00 pm

leave a msg pls

whoever u r, thx for reading my blog=) am addicted to blogging now

thx jas, my no. 1 blog fan~

leave a comment n make ing's day.hehehe (muka tebal punya permintaan, am so thick face lar, wat to do?)

hee hee, look like a GOLDFISH sulking, cute init=p( oh my gawd, i am really thick faced)

surprisingly it's a boy who taught me abt cute cute self photo taking, like frm what angle, what post =.= i suppose boys nowadays r more girly than girls.


@ 10:37 am


damn it, my voice is so SEXY....will lose my voice soon=.=coughing like mad n churning out green sticky phlegm.

bloody hell, i blew the fuse of god knows what while cooking brinjals n heating up the curry nurul gav me. now the whole house is out of electric supply frm sockets...ARGH!!!no hot water to make Milo, no table lamp to study, cannot leave my laptop on the whole day...

called the supervisor at st geo, she tried fixing it to no avail..i tot it was May coming back when i heard sb trudging up the stairs n i chirped tru my closed door:

" yo May! hey gal~!"

the door opened n a v perplexed looking supervisor stared back at me.

ho cai i didnt go " hey wassup sexy babe?"


i miss my brother...my dear ee hern who v sayang his jie jie

was carrying the huge sack of tea duty towel crossing the road, sud felt like crying, coz if he is there, he will definitely snatch the sack from me n carry it for me.

miss my ee leng too, my mr scrooge brother offered his hard earned rm 25 to chia me secret receipe. (though sometimes beh tong when he wants me to do his art hw for him=p)

i think my brother ee hern is the hottest, handsomest guy in the world=)even told my mum once, if only he is my bf=pme n my bro's worn out shoes. we can apply for 清寒奖学金了.both of us still wearing it n mum literally hv to force me at gun point to buy a new pair during xmas hol. wah, she got so pissed off when i didnt buy any after a few times of shopping spree. am so picky mah, n comfortable shoes are never pretty.

haha, children of lee's family r extremely STINGY, keke



Saturday, January 27, 2007 @ 4:37 pm

不知为什么最近身旁这么多人分手,失恋,为爱痛不欲生,搞到哀鸿遍野, 太恐怖了...


或许在这个阶段的感情本来就是这么不堪一击,根本没有所谓天长地久,只有念完A level,拍拍屁股说拜拜。

ing's view : dont have high expectations from the very beginning to avoid disappointment n the void that wld be left to be filled when that someone walks out of your life suddenly.

(this has got ntg to do with me, i am FINE n HAPPY =) just sad for my friends who's hving probs now)

@ 9:26 am

S1 mates forever-Seoul Garden

this is a late post, but anw...

s1 gathering at autocity Seoul Garden, korean bbq buffet. went at 2pm to get the student rate, RM 16.oo. some said the food was mediocre. i tot it was kinda nice, the chicken meat slice were fab. so was the ice kacang n eat-as-much-as-u-like-ice cream. fren said if u cant eat beef, its not worth it.there were 18 of us, ut we still squeezed into the 8 ppl fitting vip room. so happy to see them, dec is the best time to meet up, coz everyone's scattererd all over msia,college, f6, matix etc. hard to find a time when everyone is free.me kissing my high sch best buddy Phey Yee. she changed a lot, metaphorsis into this GORGEOUS lady.

me mum started nagging me the v sec i got in the car, coz she saw yee..." see?! ppl dress up so elegant n lady-like. YOU!!! still carrying that unsightly thread-bare old sch bag, as if i never give u money to make yourself look decent'Yin Shan, my best mate in high sch too. we msg each other EVERY single day, whenever i'm back in msia. she's always there for me=)can tell her literally anything.love u shan jie~i learned alot abt life frm u.this pic look so wrong ><''', sian hong feeding ccj ice cream.
wei chien, me, ah beh, mable n sim mei. 3 of us wearing the maroon class t-shirt...
designed by my most talented fren, mun sze~! see? i'm so supportive=) 4 good friends sharing the same dream, short of han yi...
khe shin, shin hoon, me, soo chia, jas, ys, yee




Thursday, January 25, 2007 @ 6:55 am


' after interview, we decide to 'Offer' ,'Hold' , 'Reject' applicants. This allows us to give a quick answer to most of our aspiring students. You will understand that for logistic reasons we do need to have a 'Hold' category - it is just unfortunate for you that you are in this small group of applicants. '

WTF!!!!!!!!! it's u who's unfortunate if u reject me OK!!!

=p at least its not a rejection lar. or it'll juz b a matter of time before they reject me. damn it, if u wanna reject, make it fast n let me get over it.


interview at Birmingham was ok..did much better than i did in Manchester. hehe, proud of myself for being calm & confident (thx rajiv for coaching me=) ), but am not proud for not being able to answer some question, waffled ard loh, aiks...saw one handsome lad gg for an interview too. lifted my mood=p i wanna go birm!!! then can be classmates=p

am good gal coz went straight back to lessons after the interview. dont wanna skip anymore lessons. ok lar, did pop in Sainsbury to buy smoothies.treat myself=)

it was SNOWING ytd at 2am!!!aiks, didnt see the snowing in process, n didnt bring my camera along, taxi was already waiting for me, so cldnt run upstairs to grab it=( by noon the snow melted d, so no fun one....


boys in my college will only approach me for one reason :
ask help for hw or phyisics or bio >< sad life init? ***************************************************************************

u noe, i always get that askance look and " whoa, what?! ing will do this meh?" response when i :

1. blurted out a swear word like fuck, ma de etc
2. forgot to complete my hw
3. read comics
4. talk abt 18 sx stuff
5. skip lessons
6. stay up late on msn
the list goes on

v sian one loh, i am ing so what, cannot once in a while be a bad gal ah?it's coz u guys pidgeon-holed me as a goody-goody two shoes at the v start so that i hv the pressure to 'maintain' the good image. sud i juz dont heck care. if i wanna use the word f, i will n i will say it out LOUD.



Monday, January 22, 2007 @ 7:11 pm

shocked n touched

oh my GAWD...i cldnt believed my ears when linh told me what happened...

she said she wanna go find a classmate to get back a hw, so i accompany her to Camb street, then she said she cldnt rmbr where that fren lived n went back to college instead, so o went home 1st

then she came back crying

turned out she went to find K, grabbed him at the sleeves and demanded is he angry at me, then she came back crying coz she was so sad for me..(u guys at bosworth, SHUT UP if u read this, if not i will PERSONALLY come n kill u)

whoa, i was astounded but really touched... i promise u linh, i will not be sad anymore, if i do, i am ungrateful n 身在福中不知福, i am sorry u cried for me. i will be HAPPY from now on=) coz u love me so much.

i am one lucky lucky gal, linh n viv n may n my msia, sg frens n my mum,dad, bro loves me=)

another great news : I GOT THE OFFER FROM PENANG MEDICAL COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH, so happyyyyyyyyyy!!!这是对我的一种肯定=) though viv kept telling me not to go back n stay..=)sweet of u viv~

going off to an interview at Birmingham Uni on Wednesday, wish me luck~!

@ 6:58 pm


Sunday, January 21, 2007 @ 8:06 pm

my pig wife=p

want to tell my dearest pig wife Duc To Linh how much i LOVE her!!! am you wen!!!(i luv u in vietnamese)thank u for being such a sweet wife (duno i m her number what husband though><) thank u for your support n care n piping hot porridge to cheer me up=))) hehe i will treat u lots of chocolate so that we have acne together!muahahahhah!!! pic took last march in Calderfield hostel, when we were the best roomates ever

to my guys friends : wanna help cheer ing up? tell her she's pretty=p

@ 11:02 am


the very last time i cried so badly was because i didnt hear frm any uni..and when i was sitting for spm

thank u to all my friends, i need support frm u all.

Saturday, January 20, 2007 @ 10:45 pm


i feel so much better now
Vivien is right, so is the doctrine of any religon

i once saw this in tsu chi 慈济hospital : forgiving is being kind to yourself

all my anger n sorrow are gone when i forgive. i used to tink the best way to get rid of sorrow is to turn it into hatred n anger, but boy was i wrong.

nobody is ever right or wrong in a relationship, it is juz a matter of suitability.

nevermind, my mayday五月天 lead singer ah xing阿信loves me=p (我烧坏头脑了)



Friday, January 19, 2007 @ 9:54 pm

shitty mood

wanna thank Vivien for accompanying me

went onto the race course with her after lunch, just scream n scream n scream like a mad woman, then was singing way off tune on the pavement, ignoring side glances frm passers-by. viv kept dragging me to the v centre of the race course, haha, aiyo, if i hv a mad fren screaming her head off i wld be embarrassed too lar..

thx viv, ur da best=)thx may too=)luv ya guys.

i'm juz tired of trying n sad.



Tuesday, January 16, 2007 @ 12:36 pm

Xmas hol-meeting up with old friends

Roy, my oldest friend since kindergarden. one sweet guy lar, will always pay me a visit when he comes down to penang frm Kedah. chia him roti canai n old town kopitiam. he's teaching choir at 8 schools>

were chatting so enthusiastically abt music at old town that the aunty at the adjacent table cldnt help but asked our opinion : shld she let her f5 son pursue a music career.>< job=")">

ate ice cream at Swenson with Fang n Ong, my pri sch best friends. was neighbours with Fang till she moved away few yrs ago, v sad then...used to wait for sch bus together everyday . had the best time of my life in f2 when i sat next to Ong. ho mun, sin lin, lucky, snoopy, me, sotong

ho mun, sin lin, snoopy, me
sotong, me, ah kent, lucky

chinese orchestra (co) buddies. went secret receipes. talked non-stop, joked like crazy, with em i can tell any yellow jokes without inhibition=p keke. really miss the times we have together. feel most at ease with my co frens=) can juz b myself.

sea shark, kar leng, chen hueh, me, nai lee

bevy of beauties, hehe. co frens too. got close with them during our international co comp in genting coz stayed in the same room. they dubbed me ' the gorilla' coz i was half naked wrapped in towels, n they saw my bushy........

secret receipes agn.

co friends too, at big mac. elephant n steven back frm kl. i MISS my co friends=(went tru alot together. esp string section buddies. always fight but our friendship survived. didnt get to see coconut n yu jing though...

went to teach jing hu (京胡) at heng ee high sch with Jian Kai. hehe, ah kai was the demonstrator coz i two yrs didnt play, forgot liao lar. plus ah kai is a better player than me, m proud of my junior-the best erhu-ist in jsco=)
applying resin to the jinghu is diff frm other hu's. gotta use a lighter to melt the resin n let it drip onto the jinghu. the lighter itself gets melted at some point coz of the position of the flame.

can still rmbr the nightmarish experience of playing that darn instrument. play till got blister, the blister burst n water came spraying out loh...prac everyday coz my dear teacher told me tt one day dun play the snake skin will be punctured ( turn out she said tt to make me prac daily>

mum cldnt stand the screeching sound emanating frm that tiny instrument. sound like i'm sawing tru the neck of a poor chicken.

anw, soon lay teacher brought us on a food spree after that.
drank fresh coconut juice at Jalan Abu Siti. the indian guy went chop chop and voila! insert a straw n start sucking up the goodness of the coconut. mmm~ after drinking, he sliced the coconut into halves. we used a small portion of the coconut shell to dig out the coconut flesh. quite an experience.

i was wondering y my coconut flesh is red in colour when ah kai pointed out that my fingers were bleeding....

queensbay : had Kenny Rogers muffins. teacher claimed that kg's muffins are the best. freshly baked, damn soft loh! nice!i had banana muffin.

for lunch, went to a shpo t Jalan Kwee Keng. the best cendol in penang, long queue attest for its popularity

poh piah, wrapped spring rolls? can sb giv a brief description of this? thxchar koay tiew~!cendollaksa final stop : cheesecake n blue mountain coffee at Trader's Hotel!!! oo lala~! i was so full by the end of the day.



Monday, January 15, 2007 @ 6:21 am


apparently computers r sexier than poor me...



Thursday, January 11, 2007 @ 8:29 pm

Manchester uni's interview


went there super early agn, left at 7.30am, walau, the strong wind turned my umbrella the other way up. wrestled against the wind n the rain. then had to ran all the way frm Warrington Quay Banks to Warrington Central Station to catch one of the trains.

duno wat is it with me, seems like i'm always on the run lately. that day at healthrow airport, i ran pathethically while trying to keep my trolley in a straight path to the central bus station, only to find that i missed the coach by 10 min. 10 MINUTES!!! F***!!!y do the uk coaches hv to be that punctual?!( soli lar, was really pissed off, coz had to wait an hr n a half for the next coach)

anw, jetlagged hv been depriving me of proper sleep..i just wanna die, plus the stress of trying to catch up with the lessons i misssed, ah, the price to pay for coming back late.

back to the interview. made friends with two really nice girls, carol, a hk gal in wales, and panchu, an indian gal frm Lancaster.

but the interviewers werent that nice to me. my fault lar actually. kept changing my stand on an issue which is wat i was NOT SUPPOSED to do. how thick can i be?


'pharmeutical companies give doctors free luncheons, is this act right or wrong?'

of coz wrong lar, tt's like corruption, make the doc buy their new drugs.

"but these companies may sponser talks by famous professors (which cost alot) or finance research. this helps nhs saves money."

ooh, in that case, it's alright, coz gotta forsake one's principal when the bigger pic is involved

" but these companies get the money frm nhs ( come to think of it, HUH? or was it nhs gets the money frm the company?)"

then i cant rmbr wat i said

only rmbr the v last part, i said" haiya, free lunch mah eat loh, doesnt mean eat liao doc obliged to buy the drugs mah, (in much proper english minus the lah's n mah's)

i just feel like shit man. i wont be surpised if 3 weeks later i get a letter with " UR REJECTED" printed in big bold prints.

ah well.at least they did not shake my clammy sweaty hands today.

Monday, January 08, 2007 @ 2:57 am

bye bye penang...='(

sad sad sad
last day at home
have a v bad premonition that some devastating news is awaiting
no matter what happens, i will be strong

talked with yee and yin shan jie on the phone while still sitting in mum's wira.(went out to buy a wireless router) , so touched lar...really glad i have such great friends=) thx too ya for thsoe who messaged=)
ing ing will be back agn ~!
HAPPY NEW YEAR and all da best to everyone~!



Wednesday, January 03, 2007 @ 11:01 am

Pmc interview

sweat, reached there an hour early >.<''', haha, oh well, better early than late

anw, didnt realise i was a nervour wreck till the lady told me so at the end of the interview. interviewers were 3 elderly men, 2 indians, n one cldnt tell was an ang mor or a malay

think was ok overall lar. dun care d coz it's over anw.haha.improved alot since the disastrous jpa interview. at least i can speak ENGLISH now=p (manglish to be exact, with 'mah' n lah' as punctuations loh >.<

my favourite question was
" why is your email add housefly 9515?"

got that question for my mock interview in college too, i was bemused=p

housefly coz my chinese name sounds similar to housefly in chinese, got stuck with it since pri sch, was being cheeky when the principal asked who has a nickname. n my dear principal helped me spread it from class to class. kinda miss being call housefly lar, coz college friends call me 'ing' or 'siang'

9515 is my family lucky number loh. parents wedding car's number plate was 5159, hit the drain when reversing, plate got turned upside down. guests bought cai3 piao4 (lottery) and all won a handsome sum of money.

went rasa sayang for lunch, then island plaza for shopping, then went to pray at the temple. shall post pic of FOOD, delicious FOOD after i go back. muhahaha, prepare to drool u ppl!!!



Monday, January 01, 2007 @ 10:48 am

Steamboat farewell party with msia & hk frens

uploaded this pic before coming back (one of the things i miss abt uk, my 20 mega bytes broadband!!!=p), might as well use it to blog.

yet another steamboat party on 7/12/06, woohoo, like addicted to steamboat d~most of them are flying home the next day, so themed it as a farewell party

wahh, i tot only gals are notorious for being late for gatherings or dates, but, no, those 'darling' boys took their sweet time slowly"goyang" to 26 freehold! LATE for 3 HOURS!!! me, may and sarah were starving to death...so ate some rice with meat floss, wrong decision, coz was partly full, end up eating not much of the real ho liao's (steamboat la!)..

jee chomping through the sushi rice with flakes of seaweeds. intended to make sushi (with salmon, crabstick,mear floss), but didnt have the bamboo rollers (watever u call that), so daniel made a few ball shaped sushi wrapped in seaweed sheets, then gave up all together..

..coz he was busy cooking honey chicken~! and a spicy korean soup with tuna (aiks, didnt get to try that ), generous sprinkling of sugar like no need money, haha, any gal's nitemare, but oh well, heck care, lick the plates up=p

finally escaped my dish washing fate, coz we girls layout the dinner. but boys will b boys, chuck 'friendship ' all away. "scissors! stone! cloth!" loser ends up clearing the mess. washing plates in winter is no easy task esp when the hot& cold tap is seperated, the tap water is friggin cold!!!me, leo, peter khoo, and daniel (poor chap, being molested)

jee, sarah and leo

mess cleared- it's party time! played uno (realised that my reaction time lapse is damn slow xia, lift white flag after 1st round, coz dun wanna make my team keep losing), split up into two teams, losers' hav penalty drinks, note peter khoo's red face after 1st round of penalty drinks, no prize for guessing who's one of his teammates

peter khoo and may



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