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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 @ 7:18 pm

Poem from Vivien

2 dearest special, unique & extraordinary Ing'

My little red heart feels touched when i know i'm accepted
Sometimes my little red heart feels :
Envious & jealous (u with other friends) bcoz it matters to me
Hurt bcoz I do care (bout what u've said)
Guilty (when i lie to u) bcoz i'm sincere 2 u
Worried bocz u'r sick
Upset bcoz i Love u
Funny bcoz u'r damn clumsy
Challenged bcoz u'r always better than me
Adventurous coz v do cool stuff
Bored bcoz u'r plain
Unhappy bcoz u'r impatient
Furious bcoz u bullied me
Frustrated bcoz u often mumble
Irritated bcoz u talk bout my weakness
Angry bcoz u don't know how to look after urself
Quite troublesome bcoz u'r such a baby
Struggle bcoz v keep on argue & quarrel
Burdened bcoz I've d responsibility 2 look after u
Depressed bcoz 1 day v're gonna seperate
Sad bcoz 1 day u might forget bout me
Pressured & stressed bcoz I don't think I treat u well
Proud bcoz u're my super duper best friend
Disappointed when u fall my expectations
Lonely when u'r absent
Loved when u spread ur love
Sick when u'r sorrow
Delighted when u praise me
Excited when u'r by my side
Warm when u trust me
Gay when u comfort me
Joy when u care bout me
Eager when u hug me
Lost when u'r X with me
Quite naive and childish when u tease me
Dispirited when u'r down
Discouraged when u scold me
Mad when u accidentally hurt me
Annoyed when u keep on bugging me
Insulted when u laugh at me
Everytime my little red heart feels sour, sweet, bitter, hot &spicy coz u spice up my life
LovIng every single moment
MissIng every single moment
KissIng every single moment
FlirtIng every single moment
ThinkIng every single moment
FeelIng every single moment
BelongIng every single moment
LosIng made life miserable

i just felt like crying when she gave me this poem

i'm sorry Vivien coz i hurt u alot and lost my tempers N-times at u (especially last nite>
i'll try my best to think quadruple times (as u always asked me to)before i open my big fat mouth coz i dun wanna hurt u anymore

thank you for being such a great friend to me
i love u always



Tuesday, February 27, 2007 @ 8:22 pm

Liverpool MBChB interview

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roy~!!!my old-est friends since kindy land=)

my biological clock went wecko and woke me up at2.30am, i am so exhausted now, think i'll faint in bed straight after a shower><
looking smart in my suit=p

interview was quite ok, no ethical issue, whew, just very basics, standard questions :

why liverpool?
why medicine?
tell me about Problem Based Learning (PBL), what are the disadvantages of studying in a small group and having a fascillitator instead of a lecturer?
what have you done to explore the career as a doctor?
do you have any care giving experiences?
what do you do to relieve stress?
another guy got asked :

what ethical issue have you come across recently?
tell me about diseases u know?( thank god i didnt get this)
Vivien's sister, Michelle (dentistry yr2)fetched me from the train station and showed me around, very kind and helpful of her=)thx ah michelle~ate char siew bao(!!!) and muffins she made for my 2nd breakfast

made friends with an Ipoh girl (Bellerbys), a Tawau boy(CTC) and an Indo girl from NUS, how cool is that?also saw Victor bro. we sat there and chat in Manglish like we owned the waiting room><

had lunch at Kimos, a cheap Mediterranean restaurant. ordered lamb kebab
Victor with his looooooong hair, Carol(indo),Adeline(ipoh),michelle,me,"flower vase"Wah Ping (Tawau)

then took a bus to Anfield stadium,

A UEFA 4-star rated stadium, it is the home of Liverpool F.C - England's and UK's most successful club, having been the English league champions 18 times and the European Champions 5 times.

The stadium features tributes to two of the most successful managers, with the Paisley Gates, named for Bob Paisley, who guided Liverpool to three European Cups and six League Championships in the 1970s and 80s, and Shankly Gates, named for Bill Shankly, Paisley's predecessor between 1959 and 1974.[1] Shankly Gates features the lettering "You'll Never Walk Alone", from the Gerry & the Pacemakers hit that has become the club's anthem.[2]

source: wikipedia

need ticket for admission, so kiam siap(stingy) ing just lingered outside the gate.
statue of Shanklydidnt know that potential female medical students are usually quite chio(pretty) one.haha,ok, me exceptional.



Monday, February 26, 2007 @ 7:49 am

review on myself

taking the 6 am train to Liverpool tomorrow, my last interview. still hoping to hear from Manchester and Edinburgh


it's been a year since i came here.i must say, i changed alot. when i first came here, i was reluctant to spend time chatting 'frivolously' with friends, waiting for friends after meals, venturing anywhere beyond my study desk. coz i feel that i am wasting the time i should be spending on my studies, which makes me feel guilty because it aint cheap for my parents to send me here, and it aint easy to get into a medical school either.

i do feel guilty too when i say "hey , i have to study le, see you tomorrow" hinting my friends to leave. and i feel SELFISH, a girl who is so selfish with her time.

ya sure, i got the grades i want, but i felt lonely. i knew that i deserved the loneliness.but it's hard for me to change then, coz i have my responsibility and i am brought up like that.

that's why i want to become a doctor, i want my responsiilty to be spending time listening to others lament, so that i dont feel guilt-ridden when i am spending my time listening to others, communicating with people, coz then, it would be my responsiilty to do so.

now, i am willing to talk the night through even if tomorrow is mock exam, i am willing to wait for my friends after meals rather than heading home for my books. i am willing to accompany my friends to anywhere they want to go to even if exam is just around the corner. i am more willing to go out on dates with friends. coz i realised, life is not all about studying, friendship is as important.

some people may say, ing become a bad girl le. but i dont care, i am happy with who i am now.



Sunday, February 25, 2007 @ 8:29 pm

pictures taken by Vivien, model : PRETTY me!!!

hmm, lets see how many more rounds will i go for the desserts... let the food guru teach u, before u eat, u must shake shake your body to let your enzymes mix well, dont know the phrase "shake well beofre use" meh?
walao, u fail the star chef first round, you'rrrrreeeee out!!! waiting for my prince to appear
scallop and bread at Borough Market



Saturday, February 24, 2007 @ 10:08 pm

Borough Market-Food spree in London~!!!

on the train
thinking of who ah? of course ing ing lar!=p (thinking of her oyster lar!)

am exhausted but had a great GREAT day with my Viv=)went to Borough Market, the largest food market in London ( at London Bridge tube station) to explore the exotic food there.
entrance to Borough Market
lots of stalls selling cheese, yep, those are huge chunk of cheese on display

Viv been raving on and on about this raw oyster, so i was tempted to try too. quite nice!the vinegar and lemon dressing masked the fishy smell?(help! what's the word for hancing,鱼腥味?)was surprised cause i am a no-raw-food-er.
Borough market was really large, saw a dead headless goat hanging at 1 of the stall, not a pleasant sight at all.sampled vodka and gin, woo~can feel the heat spreading down my alimentary canal=p
let me see, the list of food we consumed today :
1. raw oyster
2. smoothies (nice~)
3. stir fried scallop (rating : 5 star, absolutely delicious, the scallop was as big as RM0.50/50pence coin, but 4 pounds for 3 scallop, so kinda expensive)
4. german hotdog (sausage very chewy)
5. sample cheese (from lots of stores, free samples)
6. egg tart (me)
7. fried glutainous rice (viv)
8. dim sum (with may)
9. hoagen-dazs single scoope ice cream (my 3rd time in my life)
10. giant strawberries
the oyster stall the man ply open the fresh oyster on the spotsucculent meat with vinegar dressing*slurp*suck*mmmm~scallop stall
scallop with taugeh (beansprout)and baccon salad
note my viv's expression while savouring the german hotdog=pso dumb, we were too impatient to wait for the lift to exit Convent Garden tube station, so took the stairs, 193 steps!!!half way clambering up the stairs i already regretting...took a rest and took pic in front of a round mirrorhoegan daz at Leicester Squarecouldnt elbow my way through the throng, anyway, it was angmors doing the lion dance!!! impressed...met May and headed for Chinatown. hunt for 年糕, then went to have dim sum
strawberries! cheap cheap deal, 2 box for 1.50!!!

ok, ing, i tell u, this is the LAST time u let your tummy go out of control!!!!!
was looking at pic i took last dec and the cruel reality sank in
2meatballs grew on mah cheek, oh my dear god><
so ya, back to no-dessert-no-extras-mode



Friday, February 23, 2007 @ 7:52 pm

exams over

i'm so freaking B.O.R.E.D
it's always like that after exams
but dont get me wrong
i totally loathe exams and look forward to the end of it

Dr Maynard really very "kiam pak" (hokkien for ought to be beaten up)
walked in the friggin cold weather to Queens Builiding for our Core4 paper
was searchinging high and low for my seat
then he realised he did not make a copy of question paper for our whole class
we had to walk back to Nazareth House
thought we escaped the gallows of C4
then he came back and made us go back again after he made new copies.


Cardiff Uni rejected me
nevermind lar, pharmacy course, i got my Medicine course at Birmingham,
reject mah reject loh
*stick my tongue out at the imaginary head of Pharm*

am bored am bored am bored am BORED BORED BORED!!!!!!!



Thursday, February 22, 2007 @ 2:59 pm

Mock exam

2 more papers to go
then wil be FREE~!!!for the time being
mock was ok basically...
chem unit 4
stared at the last question, perplexed...
*blink blink*
then performed a math calculation with my fingers
7 + 8=15
woohoo~ kiss 15 marks bye bye><

think it's the weather and pre-exam syndrome
many friends collapsed half way through the exam
too sick to proceed on

stupid viv (oops! promised her wont call her stupid anymore) cooked tikala masala curry
ya right, i asked "if i went to st geo for dinner then what will you eat?"
"ha! u cook for yourself and 顺便(conveniently) cook for me, then just say u cook specially for me mah, i know your plot lar!=p"

i fried ikan bilis (dried salted fish?)cabbage
yum yum~
linh and viv tentatively poked at my cabbage before taking a doubtful bite
dont blame them since my disastrous malaysian curry
linh was like" i thought curry should be red in colour? how come yours is black???"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 @ 9:39 pm


Jee came over to visit May, made him cook his famous udon for me
was bending over to savour the udon(smells divine~)
then the most humilating thing happened
a streak of saliva dripped gracefully into the bowl
my saliva to be exact
tried desperately to suck it back before jee saw me
to no avail><
viv and may were laughing hysterically at me...
but was too busy slurping the udon to care

on the 1st day of new year
was praising jee for looking smart in his playboy black shirt at breakfast
then "piang!!!"
i smashed a cereal bowl
on CNY!!!!!!!
whole canteen was looking at who the hell was that
holly shit...
i said"jee!!!it's all your fault! i said something terribly wrong!!!"=p



Sunday, February 18, 2007 @ 7:09 pm

add oil!!!

my dear Vivien lives just above me, her room is directly above mine

so she came in, on chinese new year day

"hey ing! the view outside your window very scenic today, go see go see!"

i thought, maybe the sunset view was mesmerising

then i saw this hanging out of my window, swirling in the gentle evening breeze

a warm breeze caressing my heart=)



Saturday, February 17, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

3 little pigs

V smile, wahh, my face like the moon on august the 15th....
trying with all our might to lick our nose, tongue too short lar..think this can serve as a horror movie poster><chimpanzee plucking armpit hair " oof oof, gimme my banana!!!" monsters inc. GRRRR!!!
innocent look

3 musketeers, we have moustache!
pig year pig face. oink oink!
dig eye, dig nose, dig ear
note viv's stone-y expression. she's trying hard to cross her eyeball but failed....
julie robert's sausage lips3 flower petals



@ 9:03 pm

Happy CNY~!!!

祝大家 新年快乐!!!

i know i am not suppose to be here ><'''
but am in a happy happy mood, reunion day , everyone's back~!3 little pigs pigging out at 18 freehold, hee hee. had beijing house chinese takeaway, chinese food that is very western like.

plus my pig wife juz came back from her london trip, miss u my darling~
.heated my malaysian chicken curry (potato-less, coz my potatoes germinated><)for linh while eating ravenously with may and viv,
then forgot all about it,
till i heard something boiling.
at first i thought it was just the rice cooker
then only realised that i left the curry boiling at full power on the stove............bolted right out of my chair and lunged to the kitchen
listening to the my pig wife's tales from london
and sharing the photos she took together with may

gosh, the cny atmosphere in China town, Leceister Square is so..chinese-y. red lanterns hanging across the streets. the restaurant hired performers doning traditional costume to sing and dance in front of their shops to attract customers.

looks like some scene straight out of chinese traditional drama series.



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coffee lover
Mayday fan
Siang to Vietnam mates
Ing to the rest

and no, my dad aint the boss of ING insurance company


Doc on skateboard

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