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Sunday, July 29, 2007 @ 4:24 pm

paiseh upload this pic so late, its in my lappie and i've been using my house computer lately. FINALLY meet up with phey yee and phey shan after so longgg.really miss yee very much, chatted over tea at Coffee Bean while she teached me how to knit (half way i stuffed the needle and thread away pleading that we chat instead=p)

i was half gaping when i spotted both of them coming into PDA where i was waiting. they looked so ...lady like and very very pretty^^
cho ee, his sis, me and may lyn at Chili , gurney having lunch. i forgot the name of m dish but it was very nice, pancake outerlayer with cheese, onion and chicken. then went to starbuck to chat (gossiping=p)

Friday, July 27, 2007 @ 5:13 pm

happy birthday to ah ong!!!(shin ying)^^

yunn honng, yin koon,kar leng,su yee, ho mun
me, nai lee, woan ping

went back to jsco room this morning, can barely recognise any face in the co room, ha, time to admit that i'm reallyyyy old d.very noisy since lots of juniors practising,( very gut4 lat3) literally have to scream to be heard

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 @ 8:41 am




( was that me screaming?=p)

Monday, July 23, 2007 @ 10:20 am


very nice view of the bathroom from the hotel room. i wonder is this a honey moon suite or what..

bathing free show, boys?

fat chance, can pull down the draps when it's shower time

this is a must-visit-place for anyone travelling to taiwan. unless you're a singaporean (singapore has a branch ) their dumplings小笼包 are to die for the apprentice and shi fu师傅 during lunch peak hours.stopped by for lunch, went to the bookshop next door to kill our time, had to wait for a solid one hour before it was our turn to be served. the crowd in front of this famous outlet never seem to disperse. we were assigned number77.

a digital display like the ones you usually see in hospitals. the waiters are well equipped too, with head phones and walkie talkie, allocating seats for guests.
oo lala~ i could barely hold back my saliva when our steamed小笼包finally arrived, meticulously lifted one clamped between my chopsticks, give it a jiggle and you can see the broth swirling inside the thin outer layer. punctured the 小笼包 with my teeth and you either suck in the broth or let it flow onto your spoon.

the clever part of making 小笼包:frozen broth cubed are folded into the 小笼包.
see? evidence of the soup

鼎泰丰pride themselves for their quality control, the dumplings(handmade) are identical, every single one that have made their way onto the table have the exact same mass, exact same number of folds (20, mum jiak ba bo su zo counted 'em=p), exact same taste. amazing..

the veggie dumpling was less appealing though. maybe because me and mum were quite full by then.

the yellow cabs roaming taipei's highway. one old taxi driver was telling us about the feng shui of naming people. He said it is auspicious for a girl of the dragon year to have the word jade玉in her name, i was raising my split fingers triumphantly (莹) ,when the dear old man retorted as follow in response to my other name(湘)

"ooh, got wood 木in the name not good, a dragon on the tree is a lazy dragon(抱在树上的龙), madam, you should change your daughter's name or else she is condemned to being a lazy girl. here, write down the number of the shi fu you should consult...."

what the$#%%^*(#! i see, so i am a lazy dragon snoozing on a tree, maybe on a coconut tree somewhere in Hawaii,hmm, hmmmm

the first time i visited taipei 101, i couldnt get the whole builiding into my camera no matter how close to the road i stooped. this time smart d, took this, when the taxi was waiting at a red light, from a distance. anyway, just read in the newspaper that a new builiding in Dubai ( or was it Arab) will soon take over Taiepi 101's throne as the tallest builiding in the world.been craving for a bowl of 卤肉饭even before i came back for my summer holidays. totally dig this!minced pork with rice, the smell of pork oil...ahhhh! taiwan rice is more Q (chewy) than that of malaysia. pleaded mum for one last bowl at the airport right before coming back to msia.that's how good this dish is. and it's one of the first dish i've learned to cook^^meatrolls肉卷, the pancake outerlayer is soft to the the bite, with the seafood sauce, its taste bears a resemblance to beijing duck. yum yum~


Thursday, July 19, 2007 @ 10:43 am

Taiwanese breakfast台式早餐

永和豆浆 branch was mum & dad's favourite haunt for a romantic supper rendevouz during their courtship days. now the charming lady, a mother of 3, brings her daughter( yep, me!!!) to pay pilgrimage to a typical Taiwanese breakfast.

finally recovered the lost photos after a trip to the photo shop, mum was more adamant than me to rescue the pictures, says she :" i spend so much ordering those food just to let you take snaps for your blog leh! what you mean lost nevermind!?"

anyway, the shop was manned by a family of muscular "men in black", a set of dumbbell was lying nearby.超酷的!

the boss aka the Father. mum bravely seek permission for me to take some pictures. was focusing at the 汤包dumplings filled with soup when the boss protested " eh, eh, 我这么帅,must also take pictures of me with the 汤包!"
and the son...shoves his daddy aside when i was showing them the photos "let me see! let me see!not this pic, this one so ugly(of his dad), the previous one!"

k, back to the food.clockwise :饭团(sticky rice stuffed with meat floss, 油条fried bread stick),烧饼(pancakes),蛋饼(fried egg pancake,similar to Indian roti canai but thicker and oily-er) ,豆浆(soy milk),米浆(rice milk :fry brown rice and white sesame till dry,beat with skinned peanuts)韭菜合子(garlic chives folds)

饭团sticky rice with meatfloss peeking out

汤包dumplings filled with soup. they gave it a cool name :霹雳汤包

personal favourite : dipping the 烧饼(pancakes) into the 米浆rice milk, the 烧饼has a subtle taste of sesame, and the rice milk was very gooey, rich and thick.

man, i'm having a hard time translating the food names to english...Miss Pig Wife, you better appreciate this!!! (yes, to tantalize you!)



Tuesday, July 17, 2007 @ 8:40 am

士林夜市Shi Lin Night Market

ok, before i start, am cross. very upset. stupid camera failed me, AGAIN!!! lost lots of precious pictures, cant understand why the pictures are unaccesseble. second time already. grrrrrr

accompanied mum to Taiwan over the weekends for my granny's 百日祭(hundred day prayer?) headed straight for Shi Lin night market after landing in Taipei, where we embarked on -

what else then a eat-till-you-drop 台湾小吃food spree in Shi Lin night market? (plus some shopping)
felt extremely out of place shoving through the throng of teenagers who looked like they've just walked straight out of a fashion magazine front cover shooting session. i wonder is their make up sweat proof or that the pretty lass all have their sweat glands removed?
卤味,an assortment of soy sauce seasoned tidbits : beancurd, seaweed, 甜不辣fish cake, vegetables, egg and ...
鸭舌头duck tongues. ewwwwwwwwwww, but me mum adores them. kissing with ducks. pleasant.

凉圆, sort of like 汤圆with flavourings wrapped inside ( green tea, red beans, yam etc) best served chilled. ours came in a plastic bag filled with ice cubes. QQ 的( very chewy) .

爱玉冰 to Taiwan is like Teh Tarik (Indian milk tea) to Malaysia. Lemon juice, Ai Yu juice (mum say it's a fruit) jelly and frog eggs. sweet, sour, and refreshing.
mummy left hand holding 仙草, right hand 爱玉冰.

花枝丸,cuttle fish ball in 4 flavours. couldnt finish the whole thing myself (save space for more food to come!) so took a bite of each flavour and...
handed the skewer with half-bitten balls to the uncle selling麻糬冰淇淋!!!oh my god oh my god oh my god, this is my absolute favourite of the night! we had a ball of yam flavour ice cream enveloped in麻糬(dessert made from flour). the outer coating gives an impression of snow ball, added with the fragrant taro ice cream, melting...( me, not the ice cream)

木材面包, wooden plank bread. no idea why it's called that, maybe coz you'll break your teeth chewing the bread? didnt happen to me. normal fruit flavoured bread.


the wooden cask in which the cake was steamed. rice flour with peanut fillings.the notorious 臭豆腐smelly tou fu (bean curd), again, 臭豆腐to Taiwan is like Durian is to Malaysia. my first encounter with this smelly cuisine was in malaysia, can still recall the revolting sensation when i took a bite of it, urine oozed out into my mouth, no kidding, that was how smelly it was.

this one is a milder version, according to mum who's very disappointed, keep sighing " not smelly enough, haiya, you young people nowadays, teeny bit of stench also cannot stand"

to my relief no urine oozed out this time, the tou fu is actually quite dry and crunchy like any normal fried tou fu with the slightest hint of its unique odour of fermented bean curd.刨冰taiwan's ice kacang, shredded ice with almond jelly, herb jelly, frog eggs, yam,米台目(bee tai bak), i thought bee tai bak is eaten as noodles only, very surprised to find them served as desserts.

mum used to tell me stories of how she gets to pile her 刨冰into a small Himalaya of jellies, nuts , fruits and whatever you eat with 刨冰, how sumptious 刨冰 was especially in a hot summer's day. she shook her head in yet another disappointment when this bowl of 刨冰was set in front of us.

古早味,those good old days that can only be reminisced, revived in memories, in dreams huh.

chicken assssssSSSSSSSSSSSS (satay anyone?)

nope, i didnt try one.



Thursday, July 12, 2007 @ 10:53 am


am walking on air~

given my leg problem, it's extremely hard for me to buy a pair of shoes that strikes a compromise between having aesthetic value and comfort.

high heels are a no go for me, unless i want to break my neck or sprain my ankles
addidas, nike? too expensive, sorry, i can rival Mr Scrooge
Scholls, Hush Puppies, Clark..very comfy but also very ah-ma, dont want to be caught dead in any

scouring for a pair of cheap, comfortable, nice shoes is mission impossible, so u cant blame me for standing half heartedly outside shoe stalls while mum beckons at me to try on shoes after shoes

"siang ing, this one beh pai ah, come la come la, try"
"nah, very soft and elastic,*flexes the sneaker*, TRY"
"eh, miss, can take for me size 38?, siang ing COME TRY"
*saunters right out of the shop with my hands in pockets pretending that i'm deaf*

normal lar, we always end up fighting over shoes. i WILL NOT buy any shoes that is above RM 100. so? stuck with very shua ku,邋遢 sandals, always have to shove my hideously clad feet under the tables when i'm hanging out with friends. hey! i do want a pair of nice shoes too k?

that's y am so happy today=) first time in my life i bought 3 pairs of shoes in a day! total cost is only around RM 130! not even enough to buy a nike sneakers.

love whoever made flats in vogue this year~flats that is so soft and flexible you can actually fold the shoes into halves.mum said it'll be out of fashion(and thus out of stock) next time i'm back so gives me the green light to splurge out abit today.muak muak, luv ya mummy~!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 @ 3:34 pm

jumping from book to book, Why dont penguin's feet freeze bday present from Luke, a book on travelling, and The Inheritance of Loss.

picked up yoga, whole class aunties, am the youngest student. limbs quite stiff, cant manage some pose.

suppose to learn cooking but lazy...

brushing up my rusting piano skills..(torturing the neighbours)

basically just lazing around lar. 3 months hol, my first totally free hol since high school.

Sunday, July 08, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

Yee Min's bird-day

Yee Min surrounded by presents and unidentified fingers by bo liao eh lang

went to celebrate at Swenson, autocity. ice creams~

me, yk, yee min & kent
the 唢呐suona family and me the odd one out
we went there around 3 pm, after eating and catching up with each others,
we got bored...
so bored we started doing bo liao eh shu
as if we booked the whole restaurant

reminiscing my days sucking the milk bottle

*gasp!* forgot to bring wallet how? kent u wash plates ya, i chao first



Friday, July 06, 2007 @ 10:20 am


Wednesday, July 04, 2007 @ 9:11 am


18 5S1/05 ppl studying medicine
*gulp* this is staggerring, can open jit sin hospital in 20 yrs time. i'm sure Mdm Chew will be so proud of us=)very happy for the matriks ppl~ even ukm & um are implementing problem based learning(pbl) for medic course.

i am back back BACK to lovely Malaysia~
will just rot slowly at home for 3 mths...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 @ 11:20 am

"再也找不回以前那种和乐团队友并肩作战的热诚,那种可以为了乐团抛开课业,空闲时间,抛开一切一切, 把所有精力献给乐团"
but i will always be proud that i was once a member or jsco=)

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