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Sunday, August 26, 2007 @ 10:17 am

We were suppose to check out at 12 noon, but me and mum were still snoring happily in bed till 11.20am, I suppose the hotel people beh siok liao (not happy), sent a cleaner to knock our door “m’am, I need to change your tissue box

Me still blurry eyes and groggy from sleep : “har, no need lar.”

m’am that’s the procedure, if u please, I have to change your tissue box

Wei ,leave me alone to sleep can, I say don’t want change then don’t want change lar why u so kepo (over helpful)

Of coz I didn’t say that..must maintain my elegant lady image
leave the new tissue box outside, I’ll change it myself, thank you”

no m’am I have to change it, it’s the procedure, it’s ok, I’ll come back in half an hour’s time

Screw your procdure la! But I went back to bed to realize it’s 11.20am.panic set in, frantically woke mum up
oei mum!!! wake up wake up! Have to check out in half an hours time!” and head for the showers.

The very diligent cleaner never came after half an hour’s time. Mum say maybe was a crook trying to break in. hmm.

幸福是牵着妈妈的手到LV shop朝圣说你挑啊,我去想办法赚钱买给你
幸福是妈妈对别人说of coz i'm proud of my daughter


@ 10:05 am

Read in Everybody Worth Knowing May lend me that the average life span of restaurant in New York is 6 months.

I should have known better. Prior to our KL trip, mum tore some pages of food review from magazines with contacts scribbled on. Our to-visit-list included an Aunty Nat Nonya restaurant.

The taxi driver took us from PJ to Damansara, searching for Aunty Nat. I phoned the shop up after a few rounds of futile searching.

“ello ello, can u give the direction to Aunty Nat restaurant?”
“direction to what? Wait har, I pass to my colleague ”
“Hi,can u give the direction to Aunty Nat restaurant?”
“…..??? wait… ” in the background “oi! Come take this call!”

You know the game we used to play in high school PE lessons called don’t let the monkey catch the ball? The game where people ( well me in particular) just jump and wave our arms and feverishly hope that the darn ball wont come in our direction? I had a feeling that the people answering the phone felt that way too when they kept passing the phone around.

Aunty Nat restaurant? (this aunty ar, are u nuts or what) no, we don’t have a restaurant here”

Ooo, so we were searching high and low for a non-existing restaurant.

The taxi driver was far from pleased when we announced our change of plan- klcc for dinner.

“very far is it?”

“u take the LRT lar, easier for u and for me, traffic jam very teruk(bad) loh now”

Wu lui tan pun mai eh(got chance to earn$ also don’t want) taxi driver=.=’’’

Anyway, had Lebanese food at klcc, let mum tried swish kebab coz I’ve been telling her about it for ages. I love the lamb meat, raw onion rings, garlic sauce, and the kebab pocket. But this restaurant serves real teeny pockets…


@ 9:47 am

Went to Penang Spice Garden with mum, would say don’t bother to pay the RM 13 entrance fee, not much to see. But the Spice Café is a really nice place for tea with a superb view of Batu Ferringi beach.

There’s a >5o-years-old Datuk Kong Tree with offerings at the foot of the tree. The sign reads “ gamblers are known to consult Datuk Kong for lucky numbers”

….datuk kong ah datuk kong, lu bo bi wa diuk ban ji lar, wa tan dua lui liao bei bao yu lai bai lu…

Tried the Ginger Ale and Monkey Mocktail ( star anise, cinnamon, lemon grass, soda, nutmeg) specialty drinks concocted using spices. the platform was heavily shaded by branches, could just laze there enjoying the sea breeze and the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore. Ate banana fritters bought on the way^^

Love the ornaments, very creative.

Popped by 慈济精舍书坊behind Penang British Council to have tea(yes,2 sessions of tea in a day), it was packed full of high school students revising there. The quiet ambience is very conducive for studying. Each beverage only cost Rm 3.

Sunday, August 19, 2007 @ 5:11 pm

hui yee : *half way through playing a chord*" wah, have to open my hand so wide ar?"

ing :" ha! see my fingers can reach an octave's width, nah listen, i teach u, every morning you wake up, open both of your palms and stretch!!!! *demonstrates with a scrunched up face as if in agony due to the effort of stretching *

hui yee peered at me dubiously ( my laughing in between telling her that piece of bullshit gave me away) :" how long must i do that?"

ing :" 5 minutes everyday, sister did this for 10 years so my fingers can open big big"

only primary two, my favourite girl=)很可爱的小朋友

Thursday, August 16, 2007 @ 8:33 am

this is a good one :
so i've acquired the ability to talk bird talks and crap because i'm diagnosised with

houseflyitis (苍蝇脑膜炎)

note : meningitis(脑膜炎)

by a engineer-to-be-pretending-to-be-a-doctor, ha! but i get to set the symptoms :
1. u'll have a very attractive appearance
2. exceptionally smart to the extend of being a genius
3. very thick epidermis for your facial skin

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 @ 2:26 pm

USM (University Science Malaysia) in Penang, view of the student hostel
went to visit Miss Lee Yin Shan together with chen hueh, phey shan, u met your rival, this chen hueh totally adores cam -whoring^^cannot stand her, see mirror in people's room( total stranger) also can take self shots like it's nobody's business. we invaded shan's friend's room to get this panoramic view,which shan deems is the best view u can get from USM hostel.

went on a round-the-island-tour.haha, couldnt locate Queensbay so went round and round, stopping occasionally to ask for directions. pic taken at Wong Kok.
happy day full of crap talks and picture taking=)
nah, i didnt grow shorter, there's such thing call 'high heels"

Monday, August 13, 2007 @ 4:35 pm

心情很低落,定去KL机票也会搞错时间,airasia non-refundable

@ 3:16 pm

a form3 girl in JSHS was badly burned in a gas explosion during Caring Week. See the latest entry frm Jit Sin Express for more detail information. Help if u can people!


kinda disappointed that i have to withdraw from Proart's concerto concert on 25/8/07...i really miss performing with CO. why, oh WHY does the stupid uni briefing has to fall on the exact same day??? no more chance considering most of the concerts fall in Dec and my holidays then are way too short for me to participate.

why uk dont have CO=(

finally made a new pair of specs, contemplating lense..but still working up my nerves, dont really fancy poking my index finger into my eyes. i'm really surprised that the lady didnt scream obscenities at me for walking out of her shop with empty hands after making her take out more than 20 pairs of specs=.=

hey, i myself also going nuts too can? been hunting for specs since coming back but just couldnt find anything nice.

Thursday, August 09, 2007 @ 6:42 am

i'm scared, really really scared. I know this sounds stupid but the moment i ripped open my mail and found Birm's Welcome Guide slipping onto my lap, i was overwhelmed with the urge to cry.

coz it brought back memories of the lonliness and severe homesickness i have to endure whilst struggling to adapt myself to a whole new environment where everyone is a stranger. It took me 6 months to stop crying every weekend or upon hearing mum's voice over the receiver.

sigh. here we go again. a token of reminder for me to appreciate my time left with my family. cannot show my 包青天face again. sometimes i really hate myself for being so hot tempered.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 @ 3:20 pm

dad was driving us back from dinner
*nudges mum nervously* :

" eh mum, (i dont know why my mum calls my dad, dad, my dad calls my mum , mum) that pretty girl in the adjacent car has been looking in my direction for quite some while leh! how ah?"

mum: " sit nicely! 坐美美来!put on your most handsome killer smile!"

*dad coughs and straightens his back*

me and my brothers turned our head just in time to see the young lady wind down her window, points frantically at my dad's car and mouths a string of inaudible words dramatically. it took us a while to realise that daddy forgot to put on the headlight.

and then we howled with laughter to an embarrassed dee=.='''
apparently the white droppings that birds so deftly aim at us human being's head arent fecaes, their bird urine, nitrogenous waste excreted in the form of uric acid to conserve water. 鸟粪其实不是鸟粪,而是鸟尿.

My Name Is...

coffee lover
Mayday fan
Siang to Vietnam mates
Ing to the rest

and no, my dad aint the boss of ING insurance company


Doc on skateboard

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