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Thursday, October 25, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

medical student freshers' night out. the blonde on the left is my "medical mum", a 2nd year student who gives me guidance. my "mum" dressed up as......a pelican! there was a student with anatomy illustration on his bare body. another girl was absolutely horrified coz her brother dressed as a tampon...

at a chinese restaurant. u know what? i am a chinese but i hold the chopsticks in the wrong way (cross it)
i was flabbergastered by the introduction show staged by the medical society. the brits are really REALLY open minded. the best part was when a bar tender character just stripped off the apron he was wearing for dramatic effect and he was only wearing a G STRING!!! *nose bleed* they were introducing a specialty alcohol drink of medbar and for every beverage which was used to concoct the final drink, they showed a picture of a nude medic student covering their private part with the wine bottle @-@
a random music shop, note the s shape violin in the centre^^

2nd firm1, GP (general practice) placement today~

we're learning about diabetes and had to prick our fingers for blood glucose test and i am friggin SCARED of needles=( my group mate mentioned that her 2nd year friend was showing her the bruisesssss she had on her arm from the blood sample taking lessons. am so not looking forward to that.

and god i think i lost my fingertip's sensation, i just cant feel pulses no matter how hard i try =( this week we get to grope each others legs and ankles (hairy legs can really put u off=p)

the best part was getting to interview a diabetic patient. we had a pleasant old lady who gave us alot of insights to leading a life with diabetes. she was very cheerful and optimistic even when she told us she lost her husband a few years ago to cancer. she said life has been lonely ever since then and lives with the memory of the last few years she shared with her late husband, going travelling in caravans etc. couldnt help but gave her a pat on her knees and said " u are very strong " and gave her a bear hug before she left.

we had a lecture on career life in A&E and the lecturer told us about how he had a patient who was about to die of heart failure. the patient asked him "doc, am i going to die?"

to which he replied quite frankly " yes, u are going to die" very gently
the patient requested him to hold on to her hand so that she felt someone was there to accompany her through her imminent death. and when the patient died, he felt a sense of calmness and peace that he had never felt before, that he had restore the dying patient's dignity. he said this was a moment where he will always draw upon later in his career life, to drive him through hard times and to keep him motivated as a doctor.

the lecture theatre was dead silence at that very moment ( there usually is a cacophony of coughs like an orchestra)

that, is exactly what keep us medical student going on, no?=)


Thursday, October 11, 2007 @ 5:47 pm

had my 1st CBM (community base medicine) session today, very lucky to have a friend in my group who knows the way to the GP practice where we were assigned coz i am toatally hopeless with directions.

our GP was very friendly, bought us lunch ( stupidly ordered bacon burger and end up eating the bap only coz the filling was beef, wasted a free lunch).

just observe her on her clinical rounds.no special case but did learn about Peyronie disease while nosing into patient's history, google it up! my partner was a male so was bit embarrassed when the GP answered my enquiry about what this disease entails.

oh my god i am such a slow learner. learned how to take blood pressure today and was so excited that i forgot the steps, eg, leaving the inflated sphygmomanometer cuff (ok, i googled that up,have no idea what that's called, not to mention how to spell that longggggg word )on jeremy's arm while i fumbled to put on the stethoscope i forgot to put on, forgetting to increase the pressure 30 mm Hg higher before deflating the cuff, and had to repeat the procedure.

when i finally did managed the steps right, it took me so long to try to identify when i stop hearing the sound of blood flowing that jeremy's arm went numb. he kept shaking his head in exasperation=p

mind wandered when the GP was discussing exceptional situation where we can breach patient's confidentiallity that i blurted out a really stupid question ( i thought the gp skipped a question and i just reiterate it) then everyone turned to look at me puzzled=.=jeremy said he wanted to say something but that would make me look even dumb-ER so kept quiet and kept a straight face. (whack him hard for that, cld have kicked me under the table to shut me up)

that's why i rather shut up coz i seem to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time especially when in contact with the british people.

i am gonna have such big trouble finding a partner when we learn how to take blood sample.

Thursday, October 04, 2007 @ 9:09 pm

happy birthday to my deareset daddy!!!

i was crying this morning in bed at 7am when i suddenly remember the special times i had with daddy in birmingham. dad is always busy at work so i had always been closer with mum. but daddy who is so busy with his work still put aside everything and accompanied me to uk to help me settle down.

helped me move all my heavy luggage from northampton to birmingham, gave me lectures on stop being unreasonably stingy and spend when i have to, worry about this and that.

just me and daddy on the buses, father and daughter talks. it's amazing how 3 short days can make me realise how much daddy loves me.

and the 1st time ever i kiss daddy on the cheek when he set off to the airport in a taxi, i had to use every ounce of energy to stop myself from succumbing to tears.

i am the luckiest girl coz i have the best daddy in the world=)

@ 9:01 pm

entrance to my room, wonder does the artist of this master piece still remember her handiwork^^
i am S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D
but learning to cope nevertheless=)

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