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Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 11:32 pm

new busy term^^

stephanie, me and ei mong, asean medic's curry night out=)
this was in front of my flat, students were running for the hall representative election. beats boring poster with memorundum coz i dont think people actually read the posters. well at least i never do.
and i found this on the dessert aisle in Tesco, it is an EDIBLE cake, *ahem*
mum's artwork on dad's feet using iodine. i wanna be a pediatrician who paints smile-y faces onto teary kido's wound=)

1 of our anatomy models, its a section through the head where the inner structures are visible, should have taken a pic from the inside
us girls were outraged by this, a childish boy fiddled with the lecture laptop to generate this desktop background on the lecture slides. our lecturer for the day was late for half an hour, and it turned out she had to stop on her way to help out in a road accident. she didnt just show up late for no apparent reason.

and for my last firm 1 placement, we learned how to draw blood.... from a fake arm!

here's a snapshot of the "fake arm"

yesh, a lovely block of brown plasticine with hollow blue tube resembling the veins we're suppose to perform venepuncture on. exciting ,no?
no blood drawn in reality, though we have to put on gloves and everything just to simulate the actual procedure. my firm 1 friend who has received her blood test certificate got to draw blood from the GP ( the doctor) after a few tries on the plasticine! i hope i get mine soon=)
and have been having basic life support lessons on monday nights. never knew chest compression on a dummy is so energy consuming. we even learned how to operate an
AED (Automated External Defibrillator )自動體外心臟去顫器

Sunday, January 13, 2008 @ 10:58 pm

做antomy worksheet会做上瘾=.=当然那是如果答案都在课本里找得到,要不然我只想把课本撕个稀巴烂
the 5 nerves of facial nerve : Temporal , Zygomatic, Buccal, Maxilla, Cervical 编成

Ten Zulus Buggered My Cat

zulus : an african tribe, buggered : anal intercourse

这个更绝 :
cranial nerves :
CN I Olfactory -Oh
CN II Optic -Oh
CNIIIOcculor -Oh
CNIV Trochlear -To
CNV Trigeminal -Touch
CNVI Abduccens -And
CNVII Facial -Feel
CNVIII Vestibulocochlear -Virgin
CNIX Glossopharyngeal -Girl's
CNX Vagus -Vagina
CNXI Accessory -And
CNXII Hypoglossal -Hymen (处女膜)

there are just so many choices & decisions we have to make as we grow older, first there's science stream or commerce in f4, then there's f6 or a levels or college, then which uni, what modules for selected components major decisions like what future career, uni course to minor ones like what am i going to cook for this week, what to have for breakfast bla bla bla

( very important for grocery shopping planning and budgetting, never knew feeding myself requires such detailed foreplanning coz food does expire quite fast, how best to use the least ingredients to make a variety of dishes : eg
if it's a mince pork week, i'll cook 台湾卤肉饭,鱼香茄子,麻婆豆腐,
if it's tofu week, 蕃茄豆腐,日本miso soup,
if it's chicken wings : japanese curry, soy sauce chicken )
and i do get stuck on the aisle of Tesco torn between whether to have pork or chicken this week><>

My Name Is...

coffee lover
Mayday fan
Siang to Vietnam mates
Ing to the rest

and no, my dad aint the boss of ING insurance company


Doc on skateboard

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