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Sunday, February 24, 2008 @ 12:12 am

Teddy Bear Hospital!!!

Children are often frightened of the unfamiliar, with lab coats, stethoscopes and strange surroundings all contributing.

At Teddy Bear Hospital Birmingham we aim to help the children in a number of ways. These include:

-Teaching the children about various topics, including dental hygiene, healthy eating, road safety and sensory awareness.

-Teddy Clinics. These allow the children to act as parents by bringing their sick teddy bears to the teddy doctors for a 'pawscription'.

I was stationed at the Dental Hygiene with Stephanie=)

basically we hand out toothbrush to kids (" what is this? what do u use it for? how many times should you brush your teeth a day? should u swallow your toothpaste?), and demonstrate the correct way of brushing their teeth. (" err kid, u might want to be gentler on the giant teeth model? *ignores this 啰唆 大姐姐and proceed on creating a hold in the teeth model*)

and there's a page where kids get to colour in the sun and moon after brushing their teeth accordingly. ( what colour do you want for your sun? ooh, green? that's, err, .....cool colour for a sun!) and at the end of the 10 minutes session they receive a stamp on their 'teddy passport'

our last "student" of the day, a very cute kid

us : how many times should you brush your times a day?

kid : zillions and zillions of time!!

some kids just amazed you by the amount of knowledge they have for their age, i dont recall knowing calcium is good for teeth at kindergarden @-@

cant wait till i get my own stethoscope, coz then i'll get to be one of the Teddy Doctors- kids will bring their favourite stuff toy to the station, and teddy doctors will simulate a consultation session, a typical session goes like this :

doc : hello there, what is wrong with teddy?
kid : teddy has a tummy ache
doc : and why is that so?
kid : coz teddy ate all the ice cream from the ice cream van
doc : ( *sweat* * listens to teddy's heartbeat and let kid listen too, taps on stethoscope to mimic heartbeat)here's the prescription, you must give teddy lots of hugs and kisses ok?

most of the volunteers are girls ( alright u macho boys! i know it's a very girl-y thing! but u fools, this is such a great oppoturnity to woo girls for being kind hearted)

healthy eating station, my friend ei mong=)
sensory awareness station

Sunday, February 17, 2008 @ 7:37 pm

Magha Puja

Magha Puja, a major Buddhist occasion, celebrates a full moon of the month of Magha when 1,250 Arahant disciples of the Buddha arrived without any prior arrangement at the Bamboo Grove and the Buddha who was living on the Vulture's Peak came down to meet them and recited the Ovada Patimokkha, which includes the well-known summary of what the Buddha taught, 'avoid evil, cultivate good and purify your mind'.

scratch that. in simple terms, it was an eventful day in warwick visiting a temple -The Forest Hermitage

which is a cottage situated in the countryside, where participants bring vegetarian dishes to give out on alms round, and get this, to BRTISH MONKS. my jaw was literally touching the floor when pheik kay,the event coordinator, told me that.

well the food was the best part anyway=p most participants were thai people, and the thai food they prepared was amazing!

entrance to the temple
the interior of the temple
the head monk telling the story of the origin of magha puja. we went through the mantra chanting session,the head monk sprinkled holly water on us for blessingqueueing up for alms roundeach of the participants placing portions of food into the monk's bowlThe food kay ( and us layman assistant, me and lily=p) there were herbal tea eggs, fake meatball, and wanton ( with fake meat fillings)!!!
my plate of foodddddd muhahahahha

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 @ 10:40 am

亚州学生(小留学不算,因为他们基本上已洋化,英文教育背景的亦如是)通常都鲜少在课堂上,小组讨论里发言,或者this only applies to me…
And my poor English isn’t helping much..there are times when I get so frustrated when I fail to convey my message across, so much so that I have to refrain myself from bitting my tongue off.
The learning environment here helped much in discarding the inhibition one feels in demonstrating what you know among your peers.
想法已变成 :如果我知道答案,为何不可发言?

Sunday, February 10, 2008 @ 11:27 pm

cny dinner by malaysian society and FECX

no cny for at least 10 years=( no ang pao, no reunion dinner with my family
but still treated myself to cny dinner with friends from uni=)
pheik kay, my senior from Jit Sin Chinese Orchestra string section, came up from warwick to join us for the malaysian cny dinner~had a great time chatting through the night, if only she's not graduating this year..

kevin managed to bring his british flatmates along. great feat, my flatmates usually decline my offer to sample my chinese (attempts of) cooking. hmm, maybe its not the chinese element that they dont like, maybe it's just my cooking that puts people off..

we were pretty amused when the restaurant sold the brits 绍兴酒when they requested for rice wine for drinking. mum says there are 绍兴酒for drinking purposes but i guess it has been imprinted in my mind that 绍兴酒is good with cabbage in pans rather than in cups

and the boys started challenging each other to chew on the fish eyeballs

eating chinese food with the britons is quite an experience. they were questioning about the century eggs and widen their eyes in bewilderment when i retorted "ya it's just a 100 years old egg", or " balls of hair they picked up from the barbers " for 发菜(seaweed), " i didnt know potatoes had leaves!" 树苗

i wore my pesco chinese orchestra uniform for the FECX ( Far Eastern Connection) cny dinner=)

had a great time but am pretty broke now...

Saturday, February 09, 2008 @ 5:58 pm

omg, I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! came across it while googling for pineapple tart recipe
Lily's Wai Sek Hong ( dunno what that means in hokkien, can anyone tell me pls, my hokkien sucks)

written by a Malaysian ( i presume, since the recipe was mainly Malaysian dishes) living in US, so the recipe are improvised for oversea asians with limited food ingredients at hand. and the best part about it is the extensive use of microwave for lazy bums like me^^

am going to try out the recipe one by one, oo lala~

i cant believe how auntie or housewife-sy i sound these days, my conversations with friends typically goes :

so what-cha cooking for dinner tonight / the weekend?
oooh, i tell u , tesco is selling cheapppppp apples/ 2 for 1 salmon this week
nah, go get eggs from the wet market its 10pence cheaper than tesco

Friday, February 08, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

Steph & Jeremy's bday=)

early celebration for steph and jeremy's birthday at nandos~

jeremy,kun,steph, kevin, me , ei mong

yes, i am the ever diligent studious me with my thick fat textbook
went to Create Your Own Bear shop while waiting for the food to be served to get steph a teddy, we called it the cute frankenstein teddy : ei mong pumped cotton stuffing into the teddy, we all recorded a birthday wish which the bear will play upon pressing his belly. it was really funny coz after we all screamed "We love you stephanie" we each wished her happy birthday in turns and kevin wind it up with a "bye"

teddy gets a birth certificate
another brilliant idea of kevin, note the full name
obviously jeremy is honoured that the cute FEMALE teddy in dress is named after him

mug imprint : i'll ring if i'm horny

there's a bicycle bell on the mug handle, can hear the ringing sound from miles away. ah, perfect gift for our ah kua jeremy
kevin and kun having a great time dressing up jeremyU TELL ME IS THIS GUY AH KUA OR NOT??

kevin drinking the super hot chili sauce straight out of the bottle=.='''i'm surprised he didnt spit fire
apparently u can get drunk even with chili sauce (as long as its hot enough..)
birthday drink for birthday boy, no alcohol!!

just some really hot chili sauce..and soy saucekevin with his devil look, my god, he looks like he's about to poison somebodylots of cokeand a sprinkle of salt

and he absoultey loved the cocktail we concocted for him, NOT

aiya, better than the egg yolk, steamboat, soy sauce, chili cocktail jf had for his bday


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