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Monday, March 17, 2008 @ 11:34 pm

yet another food blog^^this time by a doctor foodie!
i guess that's what i'll be doing in 10 years' time=) when mum is willing to let me loose behind the wheels and when i am earning my own money
but then again there is a limit to how much one can actually spend on cheap da pai dang hawker food

food, food, glorious food*smacks lip*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 @ 5:23 pm

an excerpt from a Medical Education research article :
  • · Asians comprise 7% of the UK population, they accounted for 19% of medical students in 2001
Five of the whole sample of students said that shy and quiet female Asian students were more likely to be humiliated or ignored by consultants during the ward rounds.

'The consultants do go for more insecure...I mean some students are less able clinically than others, but they tend to pick on those who are obviously less able.... particularly some of the quieter Asian girls, I mean they don't look fragile, but are mentally fragile, you know, they are not very kind of aggressive, a lot of them I think, you know wouldn't take that [humiliation], couldn't take it, they wouldn't know how to deal with it.' (Year 4 'white' female student).
i'll be so DEAD in my clinical years. my GP thinks i'm dumb and that my english is so bad that i cant follow group discussion when i told her there are times i dont quite catch what the patients are saying. *lick my badly battered ego* i do try to speak up more but somehow i always end up sounding rude, interupting others in mid sentence.
sigh. tired.

Thursday, March 06, 2008 @ 7:21 pm

Dr Phey Yee's 19th birthday!!!

to the author or this happily ever after fairy tale,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! you're one step away from joining us old twenties=p

my best mate in high school who makes the most sumptious cakes and will make a perfect wife ( and a budding doctor). thank you for giving me support when i was going through a hard time settling in first year of uni, for spending your precious time to chat with me online even though u are busy with revisions. i have long since disappeared from msn for this term but i shall be back in summer!!!
and if you're wondering what the happy ending of the fairy tale was :

=)no handsome prince securing his sexy lips around a hot princess's but this is still the best ending ever

by the way, 9515 refers to prisoner number 9515

and the jail was Jit Sin High School^^

and 小朋友is no longer 小朋友 ;)


Sunday, March 02, 2008 @ 6:30 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest Vivien=)

To a special girl call Vivien Lo :
Happy 21st birthday!!! good old bosworth days..i miss you very much

remember this picture? u treated me to a movie with your hard earn tea duty money to cheer me up coz i was going through some pretty bad times.



她很咯唆 : 因为她常提醒我做复健

她很长气 : 因为她给我吹了满地的汽球


要加油哦!!! 有一天你一定会成为最棒的药剂师=)


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coffee lover
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Ing to the rest

and no, my dad aint the boss of ING insurance company


Doc on skateboard

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