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Friday, June 27, 2008 @ 9:44 am

S1 Kerachut trip

the very next day after i touch penang soil at 7pm i went off to Penang's National Park with my high school classmates.you see, Science class people have brains, we dont use cheapskate umbrellas, we are far beyond thatand we use our brain on cards, contemplating what obscenities to scream next when you have shit cards
some love to sleep no matter where they are...be it by the beach.. or at the barbeque
and this is the consequence of over sleeping - inevitable death. and your science-savy classmates will cut you up for post-mortem with their scissor aka fingerssome love to pangsai in the jungle, free supply of unprocessed organic toilet paper.coz we knowthat the jungle is so pristinely clean that there is not a single fly to annoy ur defeacating process (which you usually find in polluted areas)pole dancing in the jungle where you wont be accused of corrupting youngsters mindanyway cutting the crap, i seriously didnt know "a short hike" will amount to one hour and a half of torturous labour=( i even turned up in slippers. god i was in for a nasty shock when i had to use all 4 limbs to steady myself, ease my body down slopes and slippery mud path. had i know beforehand this would be a full fledge jungle trekking i would had told yin shan " i'll meet u guys at the beach" instead of toiling for almost 2 hours for that patch of blue.but yeah, proud to say we made it to the sea!!! and took the boat back ( i dont think i could have go through that ordeal twice) the boat trip cost RM100 so it was RM10 each.we had barbeque at 11pm-2am
since it was pitched black lian xing served as the human torch holder illuminating our bbq pit.

extinguishing the fire
lian xing's nephew, naughty little baby, but it was fun to see how the boys are being toyed around by this little monkey XD

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Saturday, June 21, 2008 @ 12:28 am

1st year officially ends=)

final's result is scheduled to be published online this morning 10.30am. planned to wake at 10.30am prompt so that i dont have to stare at the ticking clock. so stayed up really late.but cold + late night coffee + result-phobia ( resits-phobia ) = restless tossing and turning.

of all times to mess up the uni website they chose today. heck.

overall ok la. let's just say i'll get my 3 months full summer break=)

went for curry dinner with steph & jeremy. the waiter didnt give us back our change so i went up to him :

waiter : " oh i assumed the change were tips so i didnt give them back to u.."
me : * persistent expression without eye contact*
waiter : "okok i will give u your change"

2.55pound i can buy another decent meal d hor, i squirm at anything priced over 1.50pound, no way am i giving out a 2.55 pounds tip

i guess my facial epidermis has thicken over the years. it can be embarrassing at times. my encounters with hostility in similar conditions has led me to brace myself for humilation or coldness ( eg :asking for free cardboxes, asking for directions ).i'm just purely scared of interacting with the ang mohs. When i'm actually received with a kind smile i am taken aback.

u have no idea how much a simple smile can make one's day.

Friday, June 20, 2008 @ 12:37 am

Eating in Edinburgh3


a less known specialty of Edinburgh, only known by insiders! My Malaysian senior, Analine recommended this. Only available at kebab shops in Edinburgh!the devil of all fattening food. see the caramel oozing out of the fried mars bars??? As it is fried at a high temperature, the chocolate and the caramel are half melted, so it doesnt stick to the teeth like the normal mars bars do. Imagine drinking semi solid melted hot chocolate.

Fish & Chips at The World's End.

supposedly the best fish and chips in town. self acclaimed by the shop though. but kevin went back for a second serving before we leave edinburgh so it must be a five star fish and chips.
Ramsay's Fish & Chips are said to be the best in the UK. but kev said the world's end beats Ramsay's. Ramsay's F & C taste great when it is hot on the table but when it cools down, the oil soaks the batter and it tastes of,well, oil? jelak lah!

but the world's end's fish is so soft that is melts and dissolves like cloud in your mouth while its outer layer is a perfect crisp.

The best Fish & Chips are in Aberdeen according to Jeremy. but to travel all the way up north for fish & chips..hmm.

The World's End

4 High Street, EH11TB

Telephone: 0131 556 3628

Opening hours, normal: 11.00am to 1.00am

The Elephant House - Birthplace of Harry Potter
This was where J.K Rowling would order a cup of coffee so she could have a table all to herself for the day, creating a world of fantasy for readers from worldwide, playing with the fate of the boy with a thunderbolt scar on his forehead=)


Thursday, June 19, 2008 @ 9:05 am


*wipes forehead*one worry crossed off my worry-list.
My landlord's daughter came to give us a free ride. We will be living with her next term, looking forward to learning some Italian cookings from Vitty.

She just inspired me to consider Orthopaedics as a career. I was asking her how was her 1 year intercalated degree in Scotland : "...I thought I was in the wrong class when I stepped inside, I was the only female student there.....most of them are consultants who found doing a Medical Science in Orthopaedics helpful..."

Monday, June 16, 2008 @ 12:41 am

Eating in Edinburgh2

Gaelic Coffee okok by then you would have noticed it's always Kevin had this Kevin had that. The train ticket to Edinburgh was a friggin SIXTY TWO pounds=( that's why Steph didnt join us in the end. We've been spending alot on travelling lately. so i basically packed sandwiches everyday to save cost.

So the coffee was a treat from Kev. Gaelic refers to a language origin, like Irish is to Ireland. Gaelic coffee is coffee with Scotch Whiskey, my experience with Irish coffee at Penang's The Ship made this alcoholic coffee relatively palatable. not too bitter so to say as one would expect from alcohol.

White Pudding

ok to be fair i bought this - from an indian kebab shop where u can get a cheaper versions of the scottish food. It's a pig blood free variation of the black pudding. Kevin was saying we should blend both black and white pudding together to make a Michael Jackson pudding. took me awhile to get the joke.

love the oaty taste of the white pudding, lots of barley in it so it's high in fibre and very chewy.

Roti Jala

no, roti jala is not a Scottish food. It's Malaysian! But I've just came across this dish when I was browsing through the blog, Rasa Malaysia. And Cho Ee was showing me his roti jala making tool. So he decided to make roti jala for this christian fellowship picnic that evening...and I shamelessly decided to stay just one more night to see the "legendary" roti jala in the making.

3 spoon fulls of flour + 1 egg, and sprinkles of chili powder, tumeric powder, salt and cornflour. add water till its runny.

then draw the number " 8" and finish it off with a circle. the drips of batter should be interjoined so that they will peel off as a whole when cooked. dont even have to add oil to the wok.fold it in halves twice, and voila!served with daal or any curry ( ready cooked curry from Sainsbury)met2 Taiwanese cute girls at the picnic. Hui Yu is doing Musical Therapy, I was kinda intrigued and pestered her with questions. Basically the patient is given the choice of a range of instrument and plays whatever he/she wants. It doesnt matter even if the patient does not know how to play an instrument, all they have to do is express themselves, even if this means playing a nonsensical tune.

the therapist's job is to improvise the patient's playing and try to make a connection through the music. They do not attempt to interpret the patient's playing. And the treatment regime varies with individual patient.

For autistic children, they think in a fixed pattern, they need security of a routine lifestyle. So the treatment aims to increase their flexibility, by playing them variations of a particular favourite song that the child is familiar with. ( some background research is required here to identify such a song.)

would have loved to learn more from her. music therapy. hmm. only 5 universities in the UK offers this course. Hui Yu is studying in Queen Margerette University.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

Eating in Edinburgh

I shall kick start my Edinburgh trip entries with a review of the food=) look out for the FRIED MARS BAR featured in the next entry!

Kevin called his british flatmates for travelling advices while we were doing our pre-travelling internet surfing, and these was the must-try list they gave : 1. Haggis, Neeps and Tatties 2. Black pudding. Both are typical traditional Scottish food.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

I was curious what these weird sounding dishes were, so i googled it up. BIG MISTAKE, the description left me gaping in horror :

Haggis - sheep's heart, lung and liver minced with onion, oatmeal, spices, etc and boiled in animal's stomach.
Neeps - mashed turnips
Tatties - mashed potatoes

disgusting it may sound, but I was ready to give it a try. I am sure it's one of those things like durian is to Malaysians and Smelly Tofu is to Taiwanese. So I was ecstatic when i saw a sign indicating "Free Haggis Sample " at the Edinburgh Castle. Couldn't really make a judgement from that meagre small bite.

Had a proper traditional H.N.T at a pub. I stole a few mouthfuls from Kevin's plate. It was surprisingly ok, the spice was so strong that it masked any foul smell of the intestines. The potatoes and turnips were tasteless on their own. I reckon the best way to savour H.N.T is a mouthful of equal proportions of all 3.

The concoction of spice was the essence of this dish, contrary to its usual role in enhancing the taste of any other dishes. But the spices and seasonings themselves cannot stand as a dish. You cannot, say, eat cinnamon or pepper or ginger on its own. Hence the minced intestined gave this dish it's substantial form.

So why would people bother to eat something that doesn't have it's own distinct taste value and instead saturate it with add ons (spices)? This is because Haggis was a dish for the poor, made from thrown away parts of the sheep. Resolving hunger came before taste bud satisfaction.

Black Pudding

Us asians should be ok with this dish as it is a Scottish version of a pig blood-based dish. Black pudding is typically served as part of a traditioal Scottish breakfast ( the usual boring sausage, baked beans, toast, egg ). It was well passed breakfast hour so Kevin had to do with just a Black Pudding in rolls. Again it's the spice that dominates. I love the oatmeats in it though.

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@ 10:36 pm

Lil Piggys in Bath - can u spot the pigs??

Char Siew welomed us at Bath's train station. It was the first thing that we caught sight of the moment we leaped out of the train into Yellow Bath. we thought, hmm, a cute random pig statue.
and we spotted another pig at the Roman Bath.
and another..
they love us, that must be it, why else are they stalking us all over the city
you turn around the corner and







BOO! gotcha!

says Pig-casso the world reknown Spanish neoclassical artist

King Bladud's Pig in Bath is a summer 2008 public art event to celebrate Bath and its origin.

King Bladud contracted leprosy 瘋病、癩病when he was studying in Athens. Flawed, he left his throne in disguise as a swineherd (pigman). His pigs contracted his disease. They were however miraculously cured when they rolled in the hot mud around Bath's spring. King Bladud followed suit and was cured too. In gratitude for his cure, King Bladud founded a city at Bath.

There will be 100 life size pigs in Bath and which will all be autioned in October.

bak gut teh at jeremy's

like what kevin said, all we want is a home. a home in a foreign country where the heart is
at it's lonely-est ( if there is such a word). it took me a year, but i've found mine=)

true javier, they worship my statue in Bath- the head of Minerva

as for the pigs...people worship Minerva's side kick as well,who happens to be stationed in some barren land in NS. XD



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