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Sunday, July 20, 2008 @ 7:18 am


I was at the fruit stall with mum. A malay lady handed 2 kiwi fruits and some apples to the shop owner. “RM10” said the owber without batting an eyelit.

“rm2 per kiwi? Not rm1.50?” stammered the malay lady. The owner ignores her totally and turned to serve her next customer.

Suddenly I see myself once again, bowing my head low while I weighed the fresh goods in my palms at the open market. Bowing my head low to avoid the annoyed glares of English vendors.

“don’t touch my potatoes if u are not going to buy them.”

I suppose their hostility are not to be blamed either if people once sneak off with their goods.

Friday, July 11, 2008 @ 11:47 am


lost my cool again, this time in public. gee when will i ever learn=(

went to Seberang Jaya Hospital on Monday to sort out my attachment application. Since summer break is the peak season, i applied really early, in fact too early for them to have closed my case ( or i prefer to say : they lost it) really irritated coz it might mean i wont get the placement this summer.

I met 3 ex JSCO members at the HR office waiting for their attachment allocation=) Han Han just came back from Russia, she spotted my Chinese Orchestra t shirt before she realised it was me. She is starting her 4th year in October though she is only a year my senior.

The other two were erhu juniors studying in Concord College, uk. meeting 3 jsco members in just one morning at the hospital. not to mention half of my form 5 classmates are studying medicine as well.

boy, am i going to be jobless when i come out to practice.

trying to explain spm maths to a little brother reminds me how much i loathed maths back in high school, and how i suck (present tense) in maths. explaining how sperm + ovum = zygote ( 1 +1 = 1, how can i not suck in maths u tell me???huh???) is so much more fun^^

Saturday, July 05, 2008 @ 4:57 pm

catching up

with Yunn Hounng at Sunway Carnival, my favourite new haunt
coz it's one of the two places (besides Jit Sin) that i am capable of driving to without mum's supervision.
and I dont park at Sunway,
I park at Billion Supermarket's parking lots next to Sunway coz i dont have to wreck my nerve manouvring up the winding paths leading to the parking lots;
the malay guy in shades giving out parking ticket will come over and instruct me how to steer my car in between a proton and a waja or whatever cars that happened to sandwich my mother's wira ( after getting exasperated watching me attempting to park for 15 minutes)

everyone is leaving good old Penang, leaving me behind when i am finally back a true free soul, well at least for three months='(
i love those who fill in the awakward blanks in conversations themselves, without missing a beat, sparing me the embarrassment and guilt for losing track :

me : " so you are currently studying...."
x :" xxx course"
me : " right, so you are studying xxx course at....."
x : " at xxx University in xxx state / country"

yummy princess-y cupcakes from Phey Yee=) aren't they a pretty sight to behold? I dont get blue ones coz the white, uncoloured ones are healthier ( us being hypochondriac XD)

had a good chat over a cup of coffee at , no prize for guessing where=p

and to help me survive the boredom that is gradually seeping in ( though it's only week 2 into my 3 months summer break), Phey Yee lend me this book of hers : My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I haven't came across a book that i just cant seem to put it down except in between meals since the likes of harry potter ( or maggie smith's Digestive System---KIDDING!!!)

anyway, it's about this 13 years old girl, Anna who files a lawsuit against her parents for making her a donor for her leukemic sister.

One particular scene that touches me was when Kate who has leukemia refused to have a trip to the mall coz she was self-conscious of being bald ( aftermath of chemo), and her mum shaves herself bald too to share the humilation Kate has to bear.

and when Kate had Anna( her younger sis) fill her urine sample cup with apple juice. Kate then holds the cup against the light when the offending nurse returns to collect the sample."hmm seems abit cloudy, better filter it through again' and drinks the "urine" to the horror of the nurse


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