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Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 3:55 pm

Body's World Exhibition in London

We had an ethics and law lecture few weeks ago regarding organ donation. Our lecturer briefly touched on this Body's World exhibition which shows the dissected human body . The creator of this exhibition thought that learning about anatomy and dissections should not just be a privilge of medical students / healthcare workers, the public has the right as well.

didnt know i would be visiting this exhibition a few weeks later, i was so surprised it was actually in London till this August!!!!

Dr. Gunther Von Hagen invented the technique plastination which was used as a basis of his specimens in Body's World
it was great fun to see the relations of muscles, organs nerves in 3D rather than our 2D pictures from textbooks. and i liked the way they presented the various important body parts in a very artistic way. There was this model of a man riding a dissected horse! the horse's liver, lungs, intestine was visible from a window section, and gosh they were humongous.
there was another model where the man seemed to have moved so fast that he moved out of his skin and muscles! - the specimen was shown in two parts, the skin and musculature in front, and the skeleton a fraction of distance behind. loved the effect.
we kept gasping in amazement like' oh my gosh i didnt know that our 3 auricles were that teeny!' or ' oh so this is what they meant by ...' for once i understood what the inguinal canal is, so much easier than reading tonnes of words and still dont get it

this is what i meant by the exhibition having aesthetic value. unlike our boring prosection specimens in uni where the corpse is just a pale dull yellow, lying flat on the dissection table, the specimens at Body's World are literally full of life - they play chess, played rugby, basketball, posed in a dancing position, performed gymnastic- one was even doing taichi><

there was this specimen of a pregnant lady with half of her uterus exposed to demonstrate how a fetus is positioned in it

great way of revising anatomy=)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 @ 7:11 pm

they TRIED to spell Paris

our youth hostel in Paris pressumably was rather cheap coz : bunk beds!! how cool! i always wanted to try sleeping on a bunk bed. used to have one in the maid's room, me and my brother would always climb up and down pretending we are pirates sailing on a ship.

anyhow, back to the cheap rooms ; we had to put on the bedsheets ourselves, the top bunk was covered in a sheet of dust. i got the lower bunk coz i wasnt too keen on climbing up>the Arc of Triumph on Champs Elysee=) and up we go on the winding-never-ending staircase
apparently u are not allowed entry if u are only wearing ur boxer/knickers

but we were rewarded with a panaromic view of Champs Elysee

not too happy with just eating Macdonalds when we have travelled all the way to Paris, so as my mates happily queued to get their orders, i sneaked out to buy some ciabata sandwich next door and some desserts=) paris didnt have much to offer in terms of food - or rather, we didnt know the right place to look for good typical french food. but i reckon french food would be quite costly

anyhow, in the end the only pastry /dessert shop we went was Paul, apparently quite a famous outlet. which, i already came across and tried their macaroon in Dubai airport

pistachio macaroon in Dubai
raspberry tarts in Paris

ah well=)at least everytime i fly home i will get to try a new dessert at Dubai airport

Monday, February 09, 2009 @ 9:12 pm

happy birthday TMNT=)

ur lamb-burger model

and nanchuks presented by bruce lee!!!

see how nice a fren i am

o i found a valid reason why ur a snail - they crawl at the same speed as turtles ,i.e. u XD


Sunday, February 08, 2009 @ 10:18 pm

what's that teeny lump of meat???

escargot!!! french for snails=)teeny piece of meat not even enough to stuff the slits in between my teeth for one euro. no sweat. it was like chewing on rubber in garlic sauce - but a tasty rubbereiffel tower and the Louvre museum. Free entrance on the first weekends in the month - we got in for free~it was a really big musuem, but for non - artist tourists like us, we took pictures of the glass pyramid and headed straight for famous pieces like Mona Lisa

my bunk bed at the cheap hostel.
and yep that's my Medics' Weekend's away trip to Paris in short=)


Wednesday, February 04, 2009 @ 10:40 pm

parcels for ing!!!

8 postcards cellotaped together. supposed to be sent in 2007 but my Alzeimer ridden friend forgot the existence of these cards till 2009. tsk mr SNAIL

and this cute lil notebook- looks can be deceiving-they are made from elephant shit to preserve the environment

kuih bangkit!! made in Malaysia by Phey yee!! ( hint to turtle who made shortbread, see how nice my friend is unlike u=p )



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