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Friday, March 27, 2009 @ 10:18 pm

last day of pre-clinical year lectures=)

Saturday, March 07, 2009 @ 5:28 pm

happy birthday phey yee=)

not good with words, but ya, happy birthday to my high sch best mate=)thanks for always being there for me, encourgaging me, giving me support at my lowest and for still being a great friend after years of separation=)


Sunday, March 01, 2009 @ 3:40 pm

3D anatomy student project

so i have been working on a 86 years old man's dead body for my student project, dissecting the hip. after weeks of peeling the skin and fat, we finally get to slice two muscles apart!!- reflecting the muscles. felt like cutting the ribbons for an opening ceremony

steph is working on the digestive system, and they accidentally poked through the large intestine to reveal some feces>< they had to put on mask coz the stench was horrible

and another girl who was to look at the female reproductive system worked her way through the pelvis - to find the uterus was non existence. there was not scar on the corpse's abdomen, so either she had a hysterectomy ( with no scar??) or she a peritonitis ( infection of the abdominal cavity) and the bacteria ate away her uterus ( is that even possible? that is scary)

anywayz. we had this intriguing lecture presented in debate form on some controversial issues.

case 1. a deaf couple is going through ivf and requests to choose an embryo that will be deaf upon birth. they consider deafness not as a disability but as a subgroup of culture using a different language - sign language. should their request be turned down, they view it as discrimination and equate it to the wiping out of deaf community during the holocaust.

in most case, patients would want to select either the gender of the fetus or to screen out embryo with genetic disease / inherited disease. so it was quite interesting when the couple actually wanted to select a fetus with a defect.

they live in a deaf community, so if the child was born with perfect hearing, he would be the odd one out in the deaf community. yet it would be unfair to deny the child of normal hearing just because of the parent's whim.

husband is in permanent vegetative state after a car crash. wife wants to extract his sperm to have ivf or artificial insemination as they have yet to have children. it is legal to store sperm without patient consent but to use the sperm without patient consent is Battery ,i.e illegal. and it is not in the patient's best interest to perform such an invasive procedure to extract sperm. there was no evidence that he would consent for the wife to have his kids after his death.

sensibily one would sympathise with the wife and dont see a problem with her request, but sometimes the law just makes things hard. but it was true that if the kids serves as a replacement to the deceased husband then it is not right.

woman does not meet the criteria to be funded an ivf cycle. she cannot afford it. another couple offers to pay for her ivf is she shares some of her eggs with them. they say it should not be accepted bcoz she is not donating it free willingly, like in organ donation or blood donation. coz she was donating it to get something else in return, that she was forced to consent to that donation to achieve her own means.

but then again, u dont suffer from any disadvantage by donating eggs, it is nothing like giving up a kidney. and if it does the patient no harm why not? i dont understand why they made a great fuss about giving up one's 'genetic inheritance', but maybe the thought that somewhere out there is a kid who has your genes but is someone else's children is not that comfortable a thought.


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