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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 5:16 pm

just the book that i want but would be too shy to be caught flipping through at the bookstore

yea and i did a great job feigning horror when i unwrapped the post from turtle in front of my housemates
the second book was really sweet coz i am working hard on my rubbish presentation skills=)

Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

turning 21 on 21st=)

as always, i have exams on my birthday

i woke up at 7am by the postman ringing the doorbell
since my housemate eimon always have parcels coming in, i thought ok la, i'll go get the door least they leave a collect slip
so first, i was greeted by this :

from my housemate steph=)

and then still clad in my pajamas and bleary eyes, the postman thrusted this into my arms:

no kidding yee, i stood there like for one minute,

i was expecting a card, or maybe something sweet and small since u mentioned i will get a post,

but, whoa

i mean like WHOA

i especially love the fact that each item has a reason behind it=)

chocolate with marshmallow to wean me off caffeine

miniature krispy kremes ( see? i even took a bite) coz my best mate from high school bakes the wicked-est,loveliest looking, beautifully decorated cakes and muffins and i only get to taste them visuallyshe baked my favourite apple cinammon muffin though i am not there to taste it, but i get this non perishable strawberry muffin towel=) to wipe my saliva i know i know

no pictures of timtam yee, coz its already in my tummy ;D but it was really yummy=)

thank you so much yee, the sweet blog post and all these. and all i ever did was send u birthday cards. i am a pampered spoiled girl ( with pink lip gloss, hahaha first ever yee! ) i did the stupiest thing, i actually grabbed one of the puppy postcards and opened it - for a sec i thought u wrote me a whole box full of postcards XD

apparently i am to write u a box full of postcards XD

i cant even start telling u how touched i was, and how happy it made me=)

nice little water bottle from steph so that i can stop accumulating cancerous gene mutation from plastic bottlesand a physiotherapy stretching aid from kevin=)

only two friends ever nagged me to do my physio, one was vivien, the other was kev.

dear turtle, i am waiting for my post ;D


Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

sorry yee this may sound abit familiar to u, i was just too lazy=p

OSCE (clinical examinations like taking blood pressure, whacking patients with a plastic hammer) today!!!~

and i totally fuck up the clinical ques muhahahhaha. but i am just glad its
1. over
2. i didnt forget the steps
3. my mind didnt go blank

though i forgot to wash my hands with alcohol, didnt know my lower limb innervation well, and was too intimate when i measured the hot british smiley face MALE patient's mid thigh circumference.

hahaha. aiya. more to come in my clinical years.


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