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Sunday, June 14, 2009 @ 1:57 am

eating in spain

a typical tapas bar with the array of tapas on display. I've read that the tapas with wooden skewers are not meant to be picked up by the stick as the bread and meat would fall off, showing that you are an inexperienced eater. The skewer functions to hold the pieces together only, to lift the tapas, one has to hold it from its side.

most cafeteria offers a good money for value lunch menu set with a tapas, a main meal and dessert. We had a cheap set deal on our first meal though the quality of the food was proportional to how much we paid. still it was good enough an exposure to spanish culture.

for our tapas, we chose red sausage ( chorizo) which was really succulent and rich in flavour, somewhat resembling that of taiwanese sausage. the salted codfish ball and fried cuttlefish were classic tapas. didnt like the snail tapas at all.and the long anticipated paella - spanish seafoodrice, i swear i will not leave spain without tasting one! i've seen my housemate cooked it once but did not properly learn it, a shame really. this one was alright, i think it's one of those heat-it-and serve-it type rather than properly brewed from scratch type.

A proper paella takes 20 minutes to cook, says the guidebooks, brewed with heaps of seafood.the orange colour is a result of - xaffron/saffron, a type of seasoning that comes from a rare flower, saffron. i did not realise that saffron was that expensive until we hunted for a pack as a souvenir for our housemate.

for dessert we were served the typical spanish dessert - flan, custard with caramelised sugar on top. thought it was rather sweet and tasted like any normal custard minus the pastry, liked the burnt taste of the caramelised sugar though. as the saying goes, a little bit burnt always taste nice...

another dish i ached to tried ever since i saw a man laddle himself a generous helping of black goo is the Aroz Negros! - black rice, paella cooked with squid ink! this one tasted nicer than the previous one even though it was another one of those precooked version. our lips were lightly stained black after the meal:)

last but not least, we had xurros/churros, fried dough. it's a miniature version of our very own chinese you tiao. served with hot chocolate with the consistency of chocolate mousse in which we dipped the churros into. the dough is squeezed through a star-shaped syringe to give it its shape.

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